Eating on a Budget

Healthy food is always more expensive than junk food, and that’s the idea. How do you keep yourself and your family healthy and fit when potato chips lost two dollars less than a bag of apples? This topic compiles together all the articles that will teach you how to continue to eat healthy on a budget. Learn all the tips to stretching your wallet at the grocery store without having to resort to processed foods and greasy junk. It can be as simple as learning to shop for seasonal foods or getting used to the idea of freezer cooking.

Budget Dining for Less than $25 per couple

Times may be tight, but many people still want to enjoy a meal in a restaurant without straining their budgets (or harming their waistlines). Here is how to enjoy a healthful meal out, for less than $25 a couple, without resorting to fast food.

Cheap Foods High in Antioxidants and Nutrients

These supermarket regulars may seem unassuming and ordinary foods, however they are nutritional power houses packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins.
And for under a dollar or two for each serving, these super foods are not to be bypassed on your way to the check out line.

Eating on a Budget – Tips for Traveling Abroad

Our most enjoyable times can be had during travel abroad. New sights, sounds, and tastes await at almost every turn, so don’t let food poisoning or “tainted” food spoil your foreign travel experience. Use these suggestions instead, to help find, identify and enjoy safe, economical healthy meals.