Eating on a Budget

Healthy food is always more expensive than junk food, and that's the idea. How do you keep yourself and your family healthy and fit when potato chips lost two dollars less than a bag of apples? This topic compiles together all the articles that will teach you how to continue to eat healthy on a budget. Learn all the tips to stretching your wallet at the grocery store without having to resort to processed foods and greasy junk. It can be as simple as learning to shop for seasonal foods or getting used to the idea of freezer cooking.

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  • What Are Gleaning Programs?
    “Gleaning” is not a typo—it’s the ancient practice of collecting unharvested or unsold produce from farms. This food is then distributed to low-income families in need of fresh fruits and vegetables. What are gleaning programs, and how do they help people who can’t afford fresh food?
  • How to Eat Healthy: Practical & Low-Cost Strategies
    If you want to eat healthier but find yourself running into roadblocks, follow these simple strategies to overcome them.
  • How to Host a Budget-Friendly Dinner Party
    Healthy food choices can be included when creating and hosting a budget-friendly dinner party. As a host/hostess, you should establish a budget, decide how many people will attend the party, create a buffet menu, and enjoy the dinner party.
  • Top 7 Budget Foods
    Everyone is concerned with saving money and a great way to do that is by changing your shopping habits at the grocery store. When you’re tightening your budget it’s important to buy nutrient rich foods that are inexpensive and filling. Why waste your money on empty calories?
  • How to Save Money on a Gluten Free Diet
    For people who have Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, going gluten free is the only way to stay healthy. Gluten free isn't easy on a tight budget since many gluten free foods are very expensive. If you're on a gluten and wheat free diet as well as a tight budget, check out these tips.
  • Basic Shopping List for Healthy Meals on a Budget
    Healthy eating is too expensive! This is what many people think, but it's a myth. Sure, there are choices to be made, and sometimes convenience foods bump up grocery prices, but it is possible to eat healthy meals on a budget. Here's how to develop a low budget shopping list for healthy meals.
  • Choose Your Organic Food Wisely: Pesticide-laden Fruits & Vegetables Are Unhealthy
    Choose your organic food wisely. Save your family money while protecting their health by buying organic varieties of five pesticide-heavy fruits and vegetables. Also find five conventional fruits and vegetables without much chemical risk.
  • Healthy Alternatives to Snack Food - Nutritious & Budget-Friendly
    This Diet & Nutrition article will provide you with healthy snack ideas that can replace high-priced, unhealthy snacks – perfect for those who are eating on a budget or are simply concerned about their health and nutrition. You’ll also be provided with quick and easy recipes for healthy snacks.
  • How to Get Cheap Organic Food
    For certain people, the extra cost of buying organic food is well worth it. However, that doesn't mean you should have to pay through the nose for it. Find out why organic costs so much more than other foods in the first place. Then adopt these three strategies to reduce the cost to your family.
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