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What are the Causes of Halitosis?

written by: AlyssaAst • edited by: Leigh A. Zaykoski • updated: 8/31/2009

Often, halitosis is caused by simple life style habits. Other causes of halitosis can even be medical related. You can learn to deal with this embarrassing condition by first understanding what may be causing it.

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    Many people suffer from unexplainable bad breath. This condition is called halitosis. There are many causes of halitosis, some of which can be treated. You can better cope with this embarrassing condition once you understand what is actually causing your bad breath.

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    What You Eat

    What you put into your mouth when you eat plans a vital role in the cause of halitosis. As your body begins to digest food, the foods are absorbed into the bloodstream. This is then carried to the lungs. After leaving the lungs, it then exit’s the body in the form of breath.

    Foods that contain strong odors, such as garlic, can cause your breath to stink. Many people have the false misconception that brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash after they eat foods with a strong odor will solve their bad breath. However, this is not so. The odor will remain until the foods have completely passed through the body.

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    Poor Dental Hygiene

    Poor dental hygiene is a large contributor to causing halitosis. Food particles will remain in the mouth unless proper flossing and brushing habits are practiced. If food is left in the mouth, it begins to cause bacteria to grow. The bacteria is what causes bad breath. It is important to decrease the chance of halitosis to practice proper dental hygiene and wash dentures properly. Tobacco products not only cause poor dental health, but halitosis as well.

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    Health Conditions

    Many of the causes of halitosis are related to medical conditions. Many medical conditions can cause bad breath. Gum disease is a large contributor to halitosis. Yeast infections of the mouth can also cause halitosis to occur. The medical condition xerostomia ( dry mouth) is another large contributor to halitosis.

    Diseases and illnesses can also cause halitosis. People suffering from respiratory tract infections often suffer from bad breath. This is also true in people with chronic sinus infection, postnasal drip, and bronchitis. Other conditions that can cause halitosis are pneumonia, diabetes, and acid reflux. Liver and kidney problems have also shown to cause this embarrassing condition.

    Once you understand what is causing your halitosis, you are more able to control it and even likely to completely treat it.

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