3 Day Cottage Cheese Grapefruit Diet: Overview and Risks

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About the Diet

Similar to what has been sometimes called Mayo Clinic’s 3-day diet plan, the 3 day cottage cheese grapefruit diet varies only in adding grapefruit and cottage cheese at certain points during the three days.

The diet is only intended to be used for three days at a time, with at least four or five days in between 3 day diet cycles. The purpose of the diet is to quickly lose weight. This is supposed to be enabled by the protein contained in cottage cheese in combination with the grapefruit’s natural fat-burning enzymes. The end result is supposed to be a metabolism boost in the short term for quick weight loss.

Another factor in the quick weight loss is the caloric restriction that comes with the meal plan. The caloric restriction and limited variety in the diet contribute to the reason why it is important to not exceed three days on this diet. The body can go into starvation mode if on a restrictive diet for too long.

For maximum effectiveness, as with any diet, the cottage cheese and grapefruit diet plan must be followed exactly.

The Meal Plan

On the cottage cheese and grapefruit diet, more is eaten than just grapefruit and cottage cheese. In fact, not much grapefruit and cottage cheese are consumed over the course of the three days. Day Three’s meal plan contains no grapefruit or grapefruit juice at all and the cottage cheese is only eaten once on each of the three days.

The cottage cheese is included in the diet plan as one serving, during one meal on each day. The grapefruit is only added on the first two days, and can be either one-half of a grapefruit or eight ounces of grapefruit juice in one meal on each of those days.

Other foods included in the plan are toast, fruit, lean meat, carrots, hot dogs, egg, ice cream, frozen yogurt, coffee, tea, saltine crackers, broccoli and cheese. This is in line with the three day diet/Mayo Clinic 3 day diet, with the scheduling and amounts of these foods being the same.

A Word of Caution

Before beginning any diet program, it is recommended that a physician be consulted. One reason why this is important is because certain medical conditions can be adversely affected by dieting and certain foods or ingredients can react adversely with prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

In the 3 day cottage cheese grapefruit diet, one risk is a negative interaction between grapefruit and certain medications such as anti-anxiety, antihistamines, anti-seizure, statins, calcium channel blockers and antidepressants, to name a few. Caution should be used by anyone taking any kind of medication who wishes to follow this diet.


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