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Weight Loss With a Raw Food Diet

written by: Nichole Bolton • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 12/17/2010

Eating foods in their pure, uncooked state is referred to as a raw food diet. Dieters with this way of eating only consume organic, fresh foods. This way of eating can contribute to weight loss and other health benefits.

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    A raw food diet involves only eating foods in their natural state, which is believed by dieters to increase energy levels and aid in weight loss. Raw food diet weight loss is possible when the diet is performed correctly, which means not heating 75 percent of consumed foods over 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people follow variations of a raw food diet, including a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet or a raw food diet that includes raw meats.

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    What is a Raw Food Diet?

    Raw Food Diet Weight Loss, Image Credit: Guy Haley A raw food diet involves eating only fresh, unprocessed and uncooked foods. People who follow this diet do so because they believe that essential enzymes in food are destroyed once the food is heated above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. A raw food diet is also believed to increase energy, improve digestion, aid in weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease that is commonly caused by fatty foods. While most people using a raw food diet follow a vegan lifestyle, some eat a vegetarian diet and others include raw meats such as sashimi.

    The main foods consumed on a raw food diet include nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, legumes, beans, seaweed, dried fruit and coconut milk. Some people following a raw food diet eat raw fish, eggs, dairy and raw meats such as carpaccio. Those following a vegan diet exclude any fish, meat, eggs or dairy. Lots of water is to be consumed on this diet, along with fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.

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    How a Raw Food Diet Aids in Weight Loss

    Eating a raw food diet means avoiding all processed, unnatural foods and sugars. This alone has proven to be very helpful in any weight loss diet, making it one of the main weight loss aids in this diet. Eating only natural, raw foods also helps the body to adapt to a more natural way of eating and reduce or eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods and snacks. The high amounts of vitamins and minerals received through eating fresh fruits and vegetables also helps the body to better digest foods and provide higher amounts of energy. This can be helpful in allowing people to exercise more efficiently.

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    Raw food weight loss is a common result once somebody has been following this diet for a few months. When combined with regular exercise, weight loss can come quickly through this way of eating. Although the raw food diet provides a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, it is possible to develop vitamin deficiencies when excluding foods such as meat and dairy. Anyone wishing to partake in a raw food diet should first speak to their family doctor, and then take vitamin supplements to avoid any dietary deficiencies.

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