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An Overview of the Safety of Jadera Diet Pills

written by: AngelicaMD • edited by: Tania Cowling • updated: 12/17/2010

Many consumers are attracted by advertising trends promoting herbal and natural ingredients that are easily available as over-the-counter products. Unfortunately, some of them come from other countries with fewer regulations than the United States. Learn whether Jadera diet pills are a safe way to lose weight.

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    What Are They?

    Jadera (or JaDera) diet pills are herbal slimming pills manufactured in Beijing, China. Its manufacturer claims to have approval of its sale and distribution from the State Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of China.

    These herbal supplements are sold as green capsules in a bottle of 30s. Each capsule contains 350 mg of refined and purified extracts from herbs like daidaihua, cassia seed, coicis seed and mulberry leaf, to be taken once a day before or after breakfast.

    According to the manufacturer, its mechanisms of action in effecting weight loss includes promoting satiety, decreasing caloric intake, boosting fat metabolism and blocking fat conversion, and promoting bowel and bladder cleansing. It claims that one can lose weight fast, as in shedding many pounds within a week of taking the pills, and as much as 38 pounds in a month.

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    FDA Warning on Diet Pills

    The FDA has released a list of weight loss drugs that have been recalled because of undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients that may be harmful to consumers. Among these ingredients is sibutramine, a controlled substance that has potential adverse cardiovascular effects. Other undeclared ingredients can also put the consumers at risk for seizures, heart attacks and dangerous interactions with other medications the buyers may be taking.

    Consumer surveys have shown that most of them have the mistaken notion that once a product is on the shelf they have been approved for use. The fact is, many of these diet pills have not undergone adequate scientific tests or clinical trials to prove their effectiveness and safety.

    Many of these weight loss products are sold widely over the Internet and available as over the counter drugs. Although they may contain herbs, seeds and plant products, not all of the ingredients are disclosed. One product that has been recalled by FDA is Lida Daidaihua, which has similar ingredients as Jadera. Jadera has not been approved for use in the United States.

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    So, Are Jadera Diet Pills Safe?

    There are no scientific/clinical studies on the Jadera diet pill, or its individual ingredients. Consider the following:

    • Aside from the United States, a few countries have likewise recalled the diet supplement Lida Daidaihua which is said to be tainted with sibutramine. Jadera is similar to this drug in its components.
    • Jadera diet pills contain the following ingredients:
    1. Bitter orange fruit extracts – a fat burning ingredient that is said to increase calories burned; however, there are no sufficient data to prove this.
    2. Cassia seed extract – a natural laxative, also claims to reduce blood cholesterol levels, but not proven.
    3. Mulberry leaf extract – according to some studies this herbal extract has the ability to decrease blood sugar levels; however it has multiple constituents that can induce idiosyncratic reactions. Further studies are needed to evaluate these possible reactions.
    4. Jobs tears seed – can decrease fat and cholesterol absorption; also claims to have antioxidant properties, however, most studies done on this herb were done in animals, and human studies are lacking.
    5. Starches – can absorb water and give the feeling of fullness, satiety and decrease appetite
      • Analysis of all possible ingredients in this diet supplement is lacking. It is possible that not all ingredients are listed, and the amounts/dosage of the existing components are also undisclosed.

      To summarize, although Jadera diet pills may contain potentially beneficial natural ingredients that can decrease sugar, fat and cholesterol in the blood that can result in weight loss, the product has not been declared safe for use since it is not accurate in disclosing all of its ingredients, and not enough human studies have been done to prove its safety.

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