Top 4 Benefits of Including Green Tea in Your Diet

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has used green tea for a variety of uses for centuries. Western culture has recently noticed the benefits of green tea and through scientific research has found the natural caffeine and antioxidant properties of green tea makes this supplement one of the few on the market that is worth the money.

1. Increasing Metabolism

Green tea is a source of natural caffeine. Caffeine, another supplement that has been extensively researched, is responsible for increasing heart rate and thus increasing the amount of calories burned everyday. The more calories burned the more weight lost.

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2. Fat Burning Naturally

The natural fat burning capabilities of green tea are directly linked to the increased calorie burn. The body will burn off all carbohydrates stores before melting away the fat to use as energy. The faster the carbohydrates are burned the more quickly the body will begin to burn calories.

3. Regulating Hunger

Green tea helps to regulate that hunger pang felt at the end of a long day. Most hunger pangs are a result of carbohydrate let down. This means the body quickly burns off the carbohydrates eaten at a meal and then the glucose levels bottom out and the body wants more natural sugar for a boost of easy energy. Green tea balances the body’s glucose levels naturally and thus regulates that need for food.

4. Reducing Daily Calories

Nearly every person drinks that morning cup of coffee to get going. Though coffee by itself is low in calories, the added sugar and creamer can take a low calorie drink and transform it into a high calorie drink in just a few short seconds. Green tea has nearly the same amount of caffeine as coffee. Changing out that morning coffee for a hot cup of green tea can reduce calorie intake by 100 calories or more per cup. For a person who drinks 2 cups of coffee every morning, over the course of a month that means losing 1 ½ pounds just by drinking green tea.

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