How To Create Your Own 30 Day Diet Meal Plan

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Develop Your Own Meal Plans

With the wealth of information surrounding you on health foods and nutrition these days, you do not have to depend on someone else’s idea for a diet anymore. Read and absorb as much information as you can,compare diets, and eventually you will find a way to develop your own 30 day diet meal plan.

Once you get involved in thinking about eating right and healthy, you will realize that healthy meal plans need not be tasteless or uninteresting. You will eventually develop a liking for your new way of eating, and at the end of 30 days you will actually want to make it a lifestyle.

Guidelines For Your Meal Plan

The modern trend, especially if you are trying to lose weight, is to eat frequently during the day. This means, eating small portions about five times a day. The idea behind this is to keep your metabolism working at its best and to provide energy while trying to lose weight. Your meals need to be balanced. The Food Guide Pyramid would provide you with valuable information in regard to food groups and portion control.

You need energy to start the day, and carbohydrates and calcium provide just that. Be sure to include them in your breakfast. Yogurt, milk, cereal, eggs belong here. Snack on walnuts or almonds or a fruit like an apple or orange. Make sure to include your protein for lunch. You can have chicken breast, tuna or fish. Add some green vegetables in the form of a salad ,with a fruit for dessert. Fruits can be eaten without limits, so have some more fruit for your second snack. For dinner, have a light meal or some more protein; have some cheese, fruit and salad.

What Are The Benefits of This Plan?

  • First, if you follow it carefully, you will lose weight.
  • The fact that the diet is not a crash diet like a 7 day diet for example, your body will have enough time to adjust to this change, and not react by going into starvation mode. As a result, you make a sacrifice for 30 days, and you are less likely to put back on the weight, as typically happens with crash diets.
  • There is enough time to provide variety in this plan, so you do not get bored repeating the same meals. You can alternate your meals over a longer period of time.
  • The foods are nutritious and wholesome, and combine all the food groups.
  • The foods are filling and will avoid you feeling the need to overeat.
  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is an added benefit as it keeps you hydrated and energetic, and helps the body to rid itself of fluids as the cells shrink and your body loses weight.

Sample Meal Plan

A 1200-1400 calorie plan is a good one for a 30 day diet meal plan. Here is a sample of one. When you create your plan, try to make the breakfasts about 300 calories, the lunches 400, the dinners 500 and the snacks about 150.


  • 1 cup of coffee with milk
  • 1 cup oat bran with banana

Roughly 293 calories


  • 1 apple

44 calories


  • Black bean soup
  • 1 baked potato with grated carrots

Roughly 389 calories


  • Yogurt covered raisins

130 calories


  • Chopped squash and zucchini
  • Lemon butter pasta
  • Minced meat

Roughly 500 calories

Total calories: 1356


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