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Diet & Meal Plans: 5-Meal-a-Day

written by: Audrey Alleyne • edited by: Donna Cosmato • updated: 5/5/2010

Are you looking for a simple but effective way to diet? 5 meals a day diet plans could be the answer for you. This could be your answer to losing weight successfully.

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    5 Meal Diets vs. Traditional Diets

    The traditional 3 meals a day diet seems to be becoming old-fashioned. As people become more and more diet and weight conscious, they are discovering different methods of eating to help them achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. While this method can be beneficial, it can also be destructive, unless you have a plan. 5 meals a day diet plans work well when you understand what you are doing. Some people who love to eat would be excited about eating five or even six times a day, but there is a method in this madness. You can’t just eat French fries, and fatty food and ice-cream nor anything you care to. It does not work that way. You need to nourish yourself while controlling portions. Your meals, though small, should be balanced and complete.

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    Diet Plan Guidelines

    Select vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, poultry, monounsaturated fats, and include these in your meals five times a day. Fats do play an important role in your diet. Be wise about choosing your fats, though. Use olive oil or canola oil. Eat foods which provide healthy fats like avocados. This part of your diet is the smallest part, like a tablespoon of oil, and a slice of avocado.

    The level above the fats should be the carbs. Some diets claim to be successful without the use of carbs, but carbs are very important in a healthy diet. Do eat whole wheat pasta and breads, as well as cereal. The average amount for each meal equals carbs the size of your fist.

    Above the level of carbs should be your protein intake. This protein should be in the form of lean meat, skinless poultry, and fish. Include nuts like walnuts and almonds in your plan. Vegetables and fruits are where you have the fullest freedom. With vegetables, you can average about two fistfuls at each serving, but you are free to eat as many fruits as you desire.


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    Diet Plans - Plan 1

    The following diet plans can help you to lose about two to three pounds a week; you may begin each breakfast with coffee or tea. This is optional:

    Meal 1: Breakfast

    • milk
    • cereal

    Meal 2: Snack

    • cottage cheese

    Meal 3: Lunch

    • tuna salad

    Meal 4: Snack

    • small fruit salad

    Meal 5: Dinner

    • lean meat or chicken with tossed salad

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    Diet Plan - 2

    Here is another suggested meal plan:

    Meal 1: Breakfast

    • Chocolate milk
    • 1 slice whole wheat bread with butter or jam
    • Pineapple

    Meal 2: Snack

    • Yogurt and strawberries

    Meal 3: Lunch

    • Salmon and tomatoes

    Meal 4: Snack

    An apple

    Meal 5: Dinner

    • Lean steak with mixed salad

    • Cheese

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    Diet Plan - 3

    Meal 1: Breakfast

    • Oat bran and banana

    Meal 2: Snack

    • Cottage cheese

    Meal 3: Lunch

    • ½ avocado filled with shrimps

    Meal 4: Snack

    • Fruit salad

    Meal 5: Dinner

    • Grilled fish and tossed salad
    • 1 mango

    Remember that there is no portion control over your fruits. Vary your meals around these suggestions and create interesting nutritious 5 meal a day diet plans. You may also enjoy hot soups, tea or coffee, and drink lots of water.

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