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Recommended Diet & Foods for Blood Type B

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What are blood type B diet foods? Learn what food a blood type B dieter should consume for maximum health benefits and to lose extra weight. Also discover what food people with a b blood type should avoid.

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    History of Blood Type B Diet

    Blood Type Diet Blood type B diet foods come from opposite sides of the spectrum. Unlike type A dieters, who are vegetarian, type Bs are all about balance in their diet and balance in their body. As Dr. Peter D'Adamo for Eat Right 4 Your Life discusses type Bs have highly sensitive bodies, and if one thing is out of balance, health is compromised.

    The B blood type originated from the Himalayas, where Pakistan and India are today. It is believed that this blood type mutated as a response to climate change, since these people were originally in hot, desert Africa and migrated and settled in the freezing Himalayas. Mongolians had the blood B gene and ate a diet of meat and dairy. The Mongolian influence then spread west to the tip of Europe, where Asian nomads migrated. Areas such as present-day Germany and Austria have an unusually high amount of type B blood types that are representative of the ancient Asian nomads.

    Therefore, the ability to change and move is ingrained in type B blood and the diet reflects this malleability.

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    Foods to Eat

    Foods in the B blood type diet range in choice, often sweeping from one side of the spectrum to the other. It is essential to have balance for a dieter because type Bs have a historically high sensitivity to lectins in foods, increased cortisol levels in times of stress and a susceptibility to lingering viruses and autoimmune diseases. Therefore, a type B must adhere carefully to the diet.

    The most beneficial foods for type B are:

    • meat (no chicken)
    • dairy
    • grains
    • legumes
    • fruits
    • vegetables

    In the meat department, a dieter can boost her/his immune system by eating lamb, venison, mutton and rabbit. However, these foods can be hard to come by if you do not hunt or live in a farm area. If you cannot find these meats, permissible B blood type meats (but not most beneficial) include beef, pheasant, turkey and veal.

    Eat Dairy on Blood Type B Diet B type dieters are lucky because they are the only type that can enjoy dairy. The most beneficial dairy foods are cottage, farmer, feta and goat cheese, kiefer, mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt and milk.

    Beware because only one fat is beneficial to a type B's digestive tract and that is olive oil.

    The best grains are millet, rice, puffed rice, oatmeal and spelt. Breads made from brown rice, ezekiel, WASA and millet are the best choices.

    Stock up on leafy green veggies that contain magnesium and help fight off viruses and autoimmune diseases. Bananas, cranberries, grapes, papayas and plums are the most beneficial fruits.

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    Food to Avoid

    However, type B dieters must avoid certain foods altogether.

    Chicken and all shellfish are strict no-nos. Nuts, seeds and beans should be avoided at all costs because they contain lectins that interfere with insulin production.

    Surprisingly, type Bs don't seem to benefit from herbal teas. Nor do they do well with black pepper, gelatin, almond extract or goldenseal. Avoid beverages such as distilled water, seltzer water and soda.

    Now that you know blood type B diet foods, start stocking your kitchen with the most beneficial foods for your sensitive system. Remember, it's all about maintaining balance in a type B diet so enrich your body with the best foods listed above to lose extra weight and increase your immunity to illness.

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