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Beyonce made headlines when preparing for her role in Dreamgirls. She wanted to lose weight quickly, so she turned to the Master Cleanse diet. She is not the only celebrity to turn to liquid fasts. Hollywood stars, models and wanna-be’s continually turn to detox diets, liquid fasts and starvation practices in order to achieve a desired look.

Are Liquid Fasts Safe?

Liquid fasts can be perfectly safe. Throughout history people have gone on long fasts for religious reasons and there are numerous incidences of people going on fresh juice fasts to help heal themselves of a variety of illnesses. Approached with the proper mindset and following a medically sound plan can leave you healthier than when you started the fast.

There are also very dangerous ways to approach a liquid fast and depending on your current medical condition, a liquid fast can have disastrous results. Listen to your body and just as important, listen to your doctor. Determine if you have any underlying problems that may make a liquid diet especially unsafe for you and ask for advice.

Why Choose a Liquid Fast?

Quick weight loss is the main reason people decide to go on a liquid fast. Drastic amounts of weight can be lost in a relatively short amount of time. When liquid fast diets for Hollywood stars are chosen, it is generally an attempt to duplicate a celebrity’s look. Although the truth is that Hollywood stars often have personal chefs, personal trainers and agents that all have an investment in their look. This is all in addition to their salaries and stylists.

But, obesity is a real problem in the United States. Even the First Lady has acknowledged this issue and is waging a war against obesity. The country pays a high toll for being heavy. The side effects from obesity include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems and even some cancers. It is clear losing weight has definite benefits.

A big problem with choosing a liquid fast, even if you do see quick results, is the fact that the weight loss is extremely hard to maintain. Beyonce admitted that immediately after ending her Master Cleanse diet she gained back the weight lost, and the same thing happened with Oprah when she went on a medically supervised liquid fast.

So while short term results can be achieved, liquid fasts are not normally attributed to sustained long term weight loss.

Types of Liquid Fasts

The Master Cleanse

A liquid fast that includes a concoction of fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water and causes rapid weight loss. It is also commonly known as the lemonade diet or the Beyonce diet due to her success with the diet.

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is done by celebrities, models, vegans and often, people diagnosed with cancer. Juice fasting has many good things associated with it. It is high in nutrition and when done correctly is a very healthy practice even when not attempting to drop pounds.

Optifast or Medifast

These plans are medically supervised diets that consist of pre-mixed drinks or powder mixes that you blend with water to make a shake. The shakes include a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as whey or casein protein. Hollywood Diet


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