Is There a Chinese Diet for Losing Weight? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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As a culture, the Chinese have a lot of wisdom regarding health and well being. Their use of herbal remedies and traditional exercise practices have found their way to the west and many have been assimilated into the daily life of westerners. If you have ever asked yourself, “Is there a Chinese diet for losing weight?” the answer is yes. In fact, there are a few different Chinese approaches to weight loss.

Traditional Chinese Diet

Chinese food has little resemblance to the food that is served in Chinese restaurants. The restaurants use more oil and sauces and are geared to the palette of the westerners they serve. A traditional Chinese diet, on the other hand, consists of a wide variety of seasonal foods and natural ingredients. Typically stir fried in minimum oil or steamed, often serving the broth as well.

Their emphasis on fresh produce and whole grains is a good example to follow whether or not you need to lose weight. Shunning sugar and heavy fat laden meals has an effect on your weight, appearance and longevity.

Chinese Tea

Chinese herbs have served as the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Drinking tea is more than just the beverage of choice, it is used to heal and prevent many disorders. When people refer to Chinese diet teas they are specifically talking about Pu’er and Oolong teas.

The caffeine in tea increases metabolism to burn more calories and the polyphenols aid in the digestion of fat. Plus a cup of tea averages 4 calories making it an extremely low calorie, no fat, no sugar beverage.

Specifically Pu’er tea helps in the digestion of fatty foods, increases metabolism and reduces cholesterol levels. Oolong tea aside from aiding in weight loss, slows the effect of aging, enhances the functions of the kidney and spleen and helps prevent cancer. All this is due to the high amount of polyphenols that reduce free radicals in your body.

Deadly Chinese Diet Pills

While the answer to the question, “Is there a Chinese diet for losing weight?” is still yes, it is important to steer clear of Chinese diet pills. In many cases they are simply a waste of money, although in others the use of Chinese diet pills can prove damaging or even deadly. The toxicity of the pills can cause liver failure or permanently damage heart valves. Losing a few pounds is not worth the risk when there are so many healthy ways to shed excess weight.

Specifically the Chinese diet pills in question contain fenfluramine, an appetite suppressant that has been banned in the US since 1997 and the newer compound that is just as dangerous called N-nitroso.

These drugs are not the reason for the longevity or health of the Chinese people. Stick to a diet of fresh, in season vegetables, whole grains and healthy tea for a weight loss that lasts.


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