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The Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan: Sensible and Replicable

written by: Audrey Alleyne • edited by: DaniellaNicole • updated: 4/15/2010

Following a rapid weight loss of 12kg (26lbs) Bollywood Kareena Kapoor has become an icon for women who want to lose weight. However, there is no secret about the success of this plan.

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    Kareena's New Look

    There is a perception about East Indian food that it makes you fat. Food in any culture can make a person fat. All cuisines contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The secret of maintaining a weight relative to one’s height and health is the right balance. This is what the Kareena Kapoor diet plan is all about.

    Kareena, before her weight loss was described as a “typical Punjabi girl” and her family has been reputed for their love of food, which critics say that Kareena typified. According to critics, being a celebrity, Kareena ought to have had a” perfect-10 body”

    Rujuka Diwekar is being credited for providing Kareena with a diet plan which some critics say has made Karena look anorexic, while others are fascinated with her new look and thinks she looks “fabulous” Kareena is now being described as having a size zero figure.

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    Kareena's Diet Plan

    According to Kareena, her dietician has taught her to “eat well. eat right, and eat regularly". She further admits that her weight loss is due to a combination of diet and exercise training, and yoga. This is what all nutritionists recommend for weight loss, diet and exercise. Anyone can do it in any culture. Take a look at the success of the American TV hit, “The Biggest Loser" for example.

    Kareena further states that her meals are planned according to her level of activity. Her diet consists of East Indian cooking, which, while the names of the meals are different, what is important is what nutrients they contain. Attempting to eat similar meals is not the solution to losing weight. Sure you can try those meals for pleasure and the taste of a different cuisine, but they do not make you lose weight any easier than meals in your own culture.

    Here is an overview of Kareena’s diet plan:

    In Mumbai it is muesli and milk or a chillah and parathas, no chai (an Indian tea) or coffee. Muesli is a breakfast cereal made from uncooked rolled oats, fruit and nuts.Chillah is bread slices with green chili and chili powder. Paratha is a flatbread made with butter and ghee. Almost every culture has its own version, for example, the Italian pizza or the West Indian light unleavened fried or roasted bake or the Mexican tortilla made from cornmeal or wheat flour.

    While shooting for the movie Tashan in Ladakh, Kareena ate fresh fruit, which is a more or less universal recommendation for a healthy breakfast. She had thukpa, a Tibetan noodle soup and momos (meat dumplings) for other meals. She had pudina tea without milk. In Kerala, Kareena had idlis a batter of rice and lentils fermented overnight. She also had appams (a breakfast pancake like bread made of rice batter).

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    The Secret is Simple

    Nothing about these meals sound like special diet meals. They are normal meals, the nutrients of which are found in any cuisine. Kareena believes in nutrition and not counting calories, and she believes in eating more when active and less when less active. She believes in having fruit and milk to start he day instead of tea or coffee, and eating regularly like every two hours. Eating the whole fruit instead of drinking the juices, and drinking plenty of water daily are high on her list.She says her evening snack is soy milk or a sandwich.

    In conclusion, the Kareena Kapoor diet plan is not unique; it is what any good dietician or nutritionist would recommend in any culture. Like Kareena, be smart about your diet, add exercise in support of losing weight, and you too can lose weight.

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