Tips and Ways to Curb Appetite Naturally

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Train your Tummy

The first step towards curbing appetite is to stop it from building up in the first place. Nutritionists and dieticians suggest several small meals a day rather than three heavy ones for a good reason. Eating frequently (every two hours) stimulates the satiety center so you never feel “too hungry”. It also regulates the metabolism and helps maintain constant energy levels. Over a period of time, smaller portions train your tummy to feel fuller sooner and even lower its capacity for expansion. When you avoid going past your hunger threshold and train your stomach to hold less, you are less likely to pounce on large quantities of fattening and unhealthy foods. You will be amazed at how easily you can turn down a double sundae!

Mini - Meal Menu

The next important step to take in order to curb your appetite is to choose what to eat during your mini-meals. Let us talk of these as snacks rather than meals. Make a list of wholesome, high-fiber, nutrition-packed and low-medium calorie items and make a diet chart according to your schedule. Apples, unsweetened and skimmed yogurt, whole grain bread, roasted nuts and grains, grilled fish, etc… are good options. If you strictly follow the two-hour rule, a single serving or handful of each will make you feel satisfied and full. Take care that your daily diet is balanced in all essential nutrients. Some of these can even be stocked in your office drawer or your handbag and you can set a ‘mealtime reminder’ on your cell-phone lest you skip a meal.

Brush Away the Craving

If you feel a strong urge to lay your hands on something sweet, cheesy, salty, fried or laden with MSG, head for the washroom instead of the kitchen cabinet and brush your teeth. Strange as it may sound, brushing or using a mouthwash can drastically reduce the craving by taking your mind off the taste you are fantasizing about (I have done this several times and I can vouch for its efficacy). Moreover, when your mouth feels fresh with the minty aftertaste, you would rather not spoil it with anything else!

Fill Up on Water

At times, a craving can simply mean that your body needs water. Drink several glasses of water every day at frequent intervals - this will help detoxify the body and make you feel fresh and energetic.

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