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Healthy Diet Tips You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

written by: Stephanie Michael • edited by: Rhonda Callow • updated: 6/9/2010

Crash dieting is bad for you and often leads to weight loss followed quickly by weight gain. By making small changes to your daily diet you can gradually meet your goals without feeling deprived or hungry. Here are the five easiest things you can do to help you supercharge your diet.

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    Dieting isn't always fun especially when its a fad diet. Making small, manageable changes to your daily eating habits is a much easier way to meet your nutritional needs. Try adding one or two of these tips to your routine each week and find out how easy it is to make small changes add up to big differences.

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    Eat lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

    Browse the produce section of your local grocery store, if you need help there is sure to be an employee who can help point you in the direction of the ripest fruits and the freshest vegetables. Having the produce on hand makes it easier to incorporate into all your meals and snacks. If kids see a bowl of juicy fruit on the counter they'll usually grab a piece and so will you. While you're at the store replace white breads and rice with whole grains and brown rice. Simply stated white starches have little to no nutritional value and eating empty calories is only working against all the hard work you put in on your diet. By making a quick switch at the grocery store you can make sure your family is getting as much nutrition from the food they eat.

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    Take some home and save some for later.

    Just because your favorite restaurant has great portions and unbeatable prices does not mean that you have to eat it all in one sitting. Ask for a to go box as soon as you get your food and get it off of your plate. At home use smaller dinner plates. The average American dinner plate has grown in size from 33 square inches to 36. Having larger dishes means your more likely to take larger portions and to over eat.

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    Don't eat right before bed

    While you're sleeping your body is repairing itself. If you stop eating two to three hours before you go to bed you'll make sure your body doesn't have to spend all its time digesting your midnight snack. Also remember that if you eat more calories than you burn, your body will convert unused calories to fat. If you feel hungry before bed try drinking water or if that doesn't work try a glass of milk or no sugar added fruit juice or try a light healthy snack like a small handful of nuts or some fruit.

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    Read on to get more quick and easy diet tips...

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    Top Dieting Tips that are Quick & Easy - Page 2Trying a fad diet can lead to weight loss and quick regains, try making small changes to help you meet your goals. Here are the best dieting tips that you can follow that are both quick and easy.
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    Cut back on sugary and calorie laden drinks

    Watching what you eat is hard enough but watching what you drink can sometimes be harder. Cut back on regular sodas, sugar and cream in your coffee. A Grande Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino has 240 calories and 3 grams of fat. Considering you can have a fulfilling breakfast or lunch for that caloric value it seems like a waste to drink it. Of course indulging every once in a while is healthy just make sure you drink plenty of water, milk, and sugar free drinks in between.

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    Have a salad on the table every night and at every meal if possible

    Make a salad at every dinner. Buy red leaf or green leaf lettuce and some of your favorite veggies. I use tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, carrots, and celery. I add sesame seeds, 2% skim cheese and low fat dressings to keep it interesting and healthy. If I make too much I store it in a Tupperware for lunch or a snack the next day or I add it to the next nights salad. Serve the meats and starches in the kitchen but leave the veggies and the salad on the table. Your family will begin to eat more and more as the weeks go by just make sure and ask for suggestions for add ins to keep everyone interested and excited.

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    Make changes gradually. 

    Remember the best diet is the one you don't know you're on. Making small gradual adjustments in your everyday lifestyle is the best way to get lasting weight loss. Just as there are no "superfoods" or easy answers to a healthy diet, don't expect to totally revamp your eating habits overnight. Changing too much, too fast can get in the way of success. Begin to remedy excesses or deficiencies with modest changes that can add up to positive, lifelong eating habits. For instance, if you don't like the taste of skim milk, try low-fat. Eventually as your tastes change you might move to skim. Try sugar free or reduced sugar versions of everyday foods like jelly, ketchup, juice, and cake mix.

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