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L-Glutamine is produced naturally within the body but is not essential to nutrition. It contains numerous amino acids that are believed to benefit the body in multiple areas. L-Glutamine fuels the body’s cells and may improve overall health. It is believed L-Glutamine may aid the body with weight loss.

L-Glutamine is often used as an alternative weight loss option because it is believed to decrease cravings for carbohydrates, making it easier to lose weight. Although it is often used, no conclusive studies show L-Glutamine to be effective in losing weight. It has, however, been shown to boost the body’s immune system and enhance athletic performance.

Muscle Building

L-Glutamine is not only used to aid in weight loss, but to assist body builders as well. Body builders use it to maintain muscle mass. This is believed to benefit weight loss by increasing the muscle mass that is usually lost during the weight loss process. This will decrease the amount of lean muscle lost. L-Glutamine is believed to help the body recuperate after an intense workout and aid the muscles with repairing themselves.

Weight Loss

Although L-Glutamine is produced naturally within the body, extra may be needed when the body undergoes metabolic stress situations, such as losing weight. It is believed L-Glutamine may stimulate the thyroid gland to promote weight loss. No evidence has shown that L-Glutamin has any direct result on fat burning. L-Glutamine is not only used for weight loss and body building. There are a wide variety of health benefits believed to be associated to L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine Sources

L-Glutamine can be found in many forms. L-Glutamine powder can often be found with dietary and body building supplements. Capsules and other L-Glutamine powders are available. L-Glutamine powder is not the only option that can be used as a weight loss option.

Many foods consumed daily contain L-Glutamin. The most abundant source for L-Glutamine is from animal protein. Red meats contain high levels of L-Glutamine. Another source of it is from plant proteins. It can easily be acquired through vegetable juices. Many yogurts contain L-Glutamine. Most protein-rich foods contain it as well.

Although L-Glutamine is found naturally in the body, if it is used in large quantities it can cause upset stomach. Even though there is no solid evidence that L-Glutamine benefits weight loss, many believe it can aid the body if proper eating habits are followed. It may benefit the body with loosing weight with proper exercise as well.


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