3 Effective Weight Loss Strategies & Plans that Really Work

3 Effective Weight Loss Strategies & Plans that Really Work
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Do You Want to Lose Weight?

There are a number of different kinds of weight loss programs available, but initially you should think about the reasons you would like to lose weight. Using different natural juice based diets or alternative weight loss treatments, doing aerobics, weight training and exercising, going on calorie-reducing fasts, as well as other methods currently available all can bring some measure of results. Some medically sound reasons to consider going on a weight loss program include:

· a high BMI, or Body Mass Index

· under recommendations of a qualified physician or health professional

· development of obesity-related health ailments

· lowered self-esteem from poor physical condition

· other personal or health-related issues

Weight Loss Programs

Three weight loss programs that have successfully slimmed, shaped and toned throngs of others and aided in the improvement of overall health, physical condition and self esteem are:

1. Calorie Shifting

Principal elements of a calorie-shifting weight loss program are five or more smaller meals eaten about three hours apart every day. On this program you should really drink up to ten glasses of water daily as well. This does not include additional drinks of other kinds. Naturally, you must avoid eating foods high salt content, high in saturated fat, deep-fried and other “junk” foods. The food you do eat each day should be consumed in a different order daily. You need to get away from a set foods schedule like eggs for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch or snack fruits at midday and mid-afternoon, etc. Also, you shouldn’t repeat the same meals from one day to another or from one meal to another. The trick in calorie-shifting is to keep your body “guessing” as to what you’ll eat at the next meal. You should not have any particular food-eating schedule. With this type of weight loss program results can come as quickly as one week or even less.

2. The Banana Diet

The “banana diet” really works well enough to seriously be considered. No, the banana diet doesn’t mean that you can eat just bananas. The ideas is to have a banana, or perhaps two, immediately before every meal but not more than five bananas daily. It’s that simple. An apple can be exchanged for the bananas at two of your daily meals to cut down on food boredom. According to weight loss program expert Jennifer Jolan, “you could then have almost anything healthy you desire”.

3. A Master Cleanse Weight Loss Program

Also called the “Lemonade Diet” or a “Colon Cleanse Program”, the “Master Cleanse” weight loss program came to the forefront when Beyonce let it slip out to the media that she had successfully lost twenty-two pounds in ten days using the Master Cleanse in slimming down for her role in “Dreamgirls”. The main key to the Master Cleanse is to strip your system of accumulated toxins and cause the sloughing off of plaque that has remained “stuck” in your digestive system for months or even years. This plaque accumulates into layers of mucus, undigested foods and other wastes. Rather than going into the gristly details of exactly how the Master Cleanse weight loss program and detoxifying process work here, you can simply check online for recipes, directions and featured videos that tell all.

Which Weight Loss Program is For You?

Following the recommendations of a physician, nutritionist, dietician, specialist or other health professional will aid in determining just which of these three weight loss programs is best for you. Committing to a weight loss program is a serious step and you may even wish to give each of them a two or three-week “trial period” to learn the one that functions well for you.