Thin Celebrities Influencing Our Diet & Selg Image

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How Thin is Too Thin?

It seems like you see them everywhere: rail thin celebrities. No matter where you turn–TV, Internet, and Magazines–you tend to see these skinny celebrities and it tends to give the viewers the wrong idea of what is a healthy weight and what is not. Many women look at these celebrities while hating their own bodies because they are not that thin, but how skinny is really too skinny?

First of all, ladies, when you see these skinny celebrities posing for magazines, you have to realize the power of Photoshop and other photo editing software. Celebrities and models are always airbrushed to rid themselves of any flaws and even to shed a few pounds. The “normal” people do not usually have this luxury. However, we should feel more empowered in our own skin, regardless of how these models look in magazines.

Being naturally thin is one thing, but starving yourself in order to look like your favorite skinny celebrity because you think that’s how women should look, is not a smart idea. When we rid ourselves of nourishment, we are actually more prone to getting illnesses and diseases. A person not getting proper nourishment can also have issues with being able to produce certain body functions, such as hair growth, nail growth and, not to mention, you end up looking down right ill. Remember these celebrities have makeup artists to help cover their dark circles and sunken in eyes, “real” people don’t.

It’s a shame that certain celebrities give people the wrong idea as to what women should look like. Many of these celebrities are very thin (too thin) and make “real” women feel self conscious about their bodies. The thing that we need to realize is a healthy diet, and exercise, it the key way to stay fit and healthy. Sometimes being too thin is not healthy and can even cause a person to be weak and break bones easily. What person really wants that? By exercising you are able to stay strong and also lose weight so you look great and feel incredible. Eating a healthy diet with fruits, veggies, protein, whole grains and, yes, even some fats. You can maintain your weight better than if you were to try to do a celebrity fad diet that tells you to only eat one type of food or not to eat a lot.

So, next time you are looking for inspiration to lose weight and look good, try not to focus on the very skinny celebrities, but instead look to the celebrities that look toned and fit and look like they actually eat! Not all celebrities are really thin, some of them actually look healthy, so if you want a role model try to focus more on them instead.