Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? Avoid Weight Gain and Boost Weight Loss with These Tips

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? Avoid Weight Gain and Boost Weight Loss with These Tips
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Drinking Water to Avoid Weight Gain

Most adults need to drink around 64 ounces of water or a gallon of water a day to be able to lose weight. The easiest way to accomplish this is by filling a gallon jug with water in the morning, then drink your water from it all throughout the day. You’ll need to finish your water jug by late in the evening or a bit prior to turning in for the night.

Drinking chilled water helps to burn more calories and is refreshing when consumed in hot weather. Hot water however, is much more “drinkable” during cold weather. It will also help if you squeeze in a whole lemon (pulp too, please) to “flavor” the water. Some people even throw in a pinch of red Cayenne pepper into their gallon to stimulate waste elimination from the colon as well.

You can likewise drink your daily water allotment in the form of weak herbal, spiced or green tea. This is especially important if that will help you to “keep up” with your daily water consumption. Try a half teaspoon of finely ground ginger or other spice for some added variety to your water for a change.

But What About Water Weight?

Hands down, the quickest way to start losing water weight is to drink more and more - water. Really. And I mean lots and lots and lots of water too. This is because when your brain establishes metabolically that you are not experiencing a “water shortage” during the course of your normal, daily water intake, the water stores in your body will be flushed. This subsequently means that you’re going to lose up to five or more “water weight” pounds very, very quickly - but without any negative side effects to your metabolism and general health.

Just make sure to know where the nearest “facilities” are when you first start out on this type of program. The “frequent visits” will start to decrease after a few days. So you needn’t worry. By drinking a gallon of water (or more a day) you’ll also have the benefit of keeping toxins flushed from avoiding weight gain of stored water.

Drinking Water Aids in Weight Loss

In using water as an aid in weight loss or to avoid water weight gain, there are several great benefits. Your appetite is suppressed, so you will normally eat less at each meal. Did you know that your brain cannot really determine the difference between hunger and thirst? That’s right. So when you think you’re hungry, you really may only just be thirsty.

Weight Loss Tip: Before eating any meal, drink a glass of water. The body will then get what it is really asking for which is water. Your “hunger” may then be relieved. This tactic can also be used to eliminate diet-busting between meal “snacking”, one of your worst barriers to healthy weight loss. Another benefit of drinking water for weight loss is detoxification of the body and its systems.

Dick Gregory’s Simple Plan

Black comedian, nutritionist and political activist Dick Gregory has made a long-term sideline of helping others who have been excessively overweight or morbidly obese and needed to start losing pounds for health, survival, safety and other personal reasons. His recommended weight loss plan is simplicity itself: walk one mile each day and drink one gallon of water each day. That’s his “weight loss plan” plain and simple. You just can’t make weight loss any easier than that, now can you?

Drinking water to avoid weight gain and initially to shed unwanted pounds is one of the safest, easiest ways to help your body in converting fat into energy. You’ll have the added benefits of flushing out and detoxifying your body’s systems, in addition to providing your body with all the water it needs to maintain and sustain itself. Vital nutrients are distributed throughout your body and potentially toxic wastes are eliminated by the water you drink. So make absolutely sure you’re drinking enough water to both detox and avoid weight gain.