What Makes Protein Shakes & Protein Bars Good For You?

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Protein Shakes and Protein Bars

Protein bars and shakes seem to be very popular with many people. Not only are they a quick meal or snack, but they are also good for your diet. So what makes them so great?

Protein is the key for building muscle and for keeping bones and skin healthy. Protein bars and shakes offer these benefits because they are usually very high in protein and low in carbohydrates, so they will curve your appetite by keeping you full for hours but will also help you maintain your weight.

Protein shakes are used a lot by athletes to receive the proper nutrients right after a workout, since many athletes do not have the time to eat an actual meal after they exercise. Protein shakes help a body recover from a workout by restoring the muscle glycogen (the fuel source that is used during a workout). Body builders use protein shakes to help repair any damaged muscle tissue.

Protein has also been linked to help a person fight infections, have less muscle soreness and help reduce heat exhaustion. It has also been said that protein has been able to help with weight loss but, according to Web MD, more research needs to be done before this can be proven.

Protein shakes and bars differ for each person and really depend on what you want to achieve by taking these. For body builders, they will most likely want to get more protein than an endurance athlete who would want to get a protein shake or bar with more carbohydrates to give them more energy.

If a person is looking to lose body fat then they should stick to a shake or bar that contains more protein, fewer carbohydrates and has only a small amount of fat. A great example would be a Slim-Fast shake because they offer shakes specifically made for people trying to lose weight and maintain it.