Healthy Salads: 5 Tips For Making Your Salad Healthy

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Healthy Salad Tips

1. Greens For a Base

Base your salad on healthy, leafy greens. Greens like dark green lettuce, spinach, red leaf and maybe a mixture would be good. Stay away from iceberg lettuce. It is full of nothing but mostly water with no nutritional value. Starting with a base of healthy greens puts you on the path to a healthy salad.

2. Vegetables. Pile Them On

Mom always said, “Eat your vegetables”. She was right. Pile on plain veggies such as mushrooms, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower. These can add filling to your salad without the calories.

3. Add On Some Protein

Add on some lean protein to your salad. Adding things like grilled chicken strips, shrimp, boiled eggs, salmon or tuna add the protein you need. Remember, we want to add some protein, not make the salad into a high fat meal. Avoid things such as fried or heavily breaded protein or tuna or eggs mixed with mayonnaise.

4. Need Something More? Add Only One

If you need something extra, add only one! Things such as avocado, shredded cheese, croûtons or olives will work. Keep the portion of this topping to a minimum since we don’t want to overload the salad with this one topping. Remember, only one extra topping.

5. Pour On the Dressing. Not!

This is usually where most people ruin a healthy salad. Drowning that salad with dressing can lead to much more then just a good tasting salad. Too much dressing will add more calories then what is already in the salad. Keep the dressing to 1 tablespoon to avoid a high calorie salad, or ask for the dressing on the side so that you can dip or apply it as you see fit. Also, try to use low fat salad dressing when possible, like honey-mustards or vinaigrettes.

Salads can be a healthy and enjoyable meal as long as we cut down on the extras. So the next time you want a salad, remember these tips and you will be able to say that you had something healthy to eat.