What is Juice Fasting?

What is Juice Fasting?
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What is Juice Fasting?

As its name implies juice fasting is drinking juice and only juice (vegetables and fruits) for a period of time. It can be for one day, a week, or more. Some believes that a three-day juice fasting per month is an incredible way to increase your health and quality of life since this three-days-per-month juice fasting regime allows your tissues and cells to cleanse, nourish and heal themselves.

‘Juice fasting’ is an alternative therapy to detox your body. Drinking only juice allows easy digestion, stabilization of blood sugar levels, and supplies enough nutrients to maintain your energy levels normal while you cleanse your body from body waste. Juice fasting also provides the body with potassium, calcium, and other minerals as well plenty of carotene, Vitamin C, flavonoids, selenium, and many other antioxidants.

How Often is a Juice Fast Needed?

The need of juice fasting varies with every individual. Our lifestyle is one that tends to incorporate a lot of toxic substance in our body (food additives, pesticides, medicines, antibiotics, drugs, etc). Many believe that the overload of toxic substance may be the starting point of many of our diseases.

But, how often should we detoxify with juice fasting therapy? An average person, with no chronic ailment should do a three-day juice detox every month. This is what proponents of juice fasting therapy believe. However, longer periods of time are possible. Please ask your doctor for advice on the issue of juice fasting if you are going to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Benefits of Juice Fasting

According to the sources, juice fasting can have the following specific benefits:

-Reduce or eliminate chronic sinus and mucus congestion

-Eliminate headaches

-Help you sleep better

-Reduce or eliminate bowel low transits or constipation

-Help with chronic bronchitis

-Help with allergies

-Reduce or eliminate acne or skin eruptions

-Eliminate bloating and gas

-Fight obesity

In a research study, published in the journal Research in Complementary and Classical Natural Medicine, it was found that after eight days of juice fasting significant changes were observed on important biochemical and blood parameters such as cholesterol, insulin, and other blood proteins. For example, total cholesterol decreased by 9% after 8 days. After one week all parameters measured returned to normal values.

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