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Sour Cream – Quick and Easy, Low Carb Breakfast

written by: JoannaChlasta • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 10/7/2010

Struggling to lose some weight? Why not try a high fat, low carb diet? Have you got problems with finding an easy breakfast or quick snack? Then sour cream might be the ideal solution for you.

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    Breakfast Made Easy

    Many people who try high-fat, low carbohydrate diets know that one of the nuisances of this diet plan is the repetitiveness of meals. Especially when you want to go for a non-cooked option you can easily grab on the go. If you are a great cook, you might not find this a big deal, but if you are more like the average not very skilled at cooking individual, there just might be a solution for you.

    Sour cream is a modest, often overlooked food (especially in England, when buying it sometimes can be nearly impossible). From a dieter's point of view it has all the benefits:

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    1. Low Carbohydrate Count

    This is a very important point with high fat diets, as mixing carbs with fats together is what is the true “killer” when it comes to dieting (or eating in general). Once you start reading the labels in search of carbohydrates, it is quite surprising how many things are actually bloated with this ingredient. This is where sour cream can come in really handy, compared to other products it contains nearly no carbohydrates.

    You might think that you could just as easily grab a yogurt, however if you read their contents carefully you will notice they not only have a very high carb count, but they're not rich in protein or fat either.

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    2. Moderate to High Fat Content

    Depending at which stage of a high fat diet you are you will want to either lower or heighten the amount of fat you consume giving way to protein. Once your metabolism stabilizes, you'll want to provide your body with a higher fat ratio, however, at the beginning you might want to limit it slightly.

    Depending on the brand you can find sour cream with lower or higher fat percentage. Also as it comes in neat small cups, it is easy to limit yourself to specific portion, as you precisely know how much fat each cup contains.

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    3. Good Protein Level

    Despite people often giving too much significance to protein on a high fat low carb diet, it is an important part of your daily food plan. Especially beneficial in early phases as it helps shed of the pounds, as well as insure that your bones and tissues are healthy and strong.

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    4. Handy Packaging

    As already mentioned, packaging can be extremely helpful when deciding on doses of food. It helps prevent succumbing to the temptation of one more piece of this or that. And with the nutritional information neatly laid out on the packaging you cannot go wrong.

    The second benefit of sour cream in regards to packaging is that it allows you to quickly grab one from the fridge and treat it as a small ready meal. No cooking, no preparation, just grab a spoon and peel of the lid.

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    5. The Hunger Killer

    The last benefit of sour cream I would like to mention is something you might not expect. As foods go it is very good at curbing your cravings and satiating you very quickly. One pot can last you surprisingly long compared to its size. This is why it can serve as a perfect breakfast and keep away the hunger well until lunch time.

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    As you can see there is much more to sour cream than meets the eye. So maybe next time you are on a diet, or even just in a hurry to eat something satiating – treat yourself to a little pot of sour cream.