Is There a Cure to All Diseases? Maybe with the Dr. Clark Digital Zapper

Is There a Cure to All Diseases? Maybe with the Dr. Clark Digital Zapper
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Everyone would love a cure to all diseases in one product, supplement or unit. Technology and research by Dr. Hulda Clark and her associates seem to indicate that all diseases are linked to parasites, viruses, bacteria and other little “critters” taking over the body or host organ in the human body. In her book Cure for All Diseases, Dr. Clark suggests that by “zapping” these organisms, the body begins to function properly again with continued corrective diet and cleansing.

How do you Zap the Organisms?

If diseases truly are linked to these microorganisms, how does one rid the body of them? Dr. Clark and many others have found cures, remedies, and renewed healing through a device known as the Zapper. “You don’t need dangerous and expensive drugs to get rid of the causes of your illness. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Seizures, Migraines, Fatigue Syndromes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, were investigated and cured using a Frequency Zapper and the Dr Hulda Clark cleansing program…” reports the Dr. Hulda Clark website at:

Using a Digital Zapper, set according to your needs, microorganisms like parasites, viruses, worms, amoebas and bacteria are electrocuted through the electrical frequency that flows through the device to your body. No, you can’t feel it, but the uninvited guests can and do as they are destroyed!

How does the Zapper Work?

“The Zapper is an electronic device producing an adjustable frequency of .10 Khz – 65Khz @ 4.5 volts DC which is the most successful bandwidth for eliminating bacteria and parasites through the hand held copper terminals. The pulsing action of the positive terminal sends an electronic “wave” through the body, which eliminates all parasites, bacteria, amoeba and viruses that live within this 65,000hz band. This positive current detaches the negatively charged bacteria from their electro-magnetic adhesion in the body, so that the immune system can fight them. The frequencies can be dialed up according to the particular illness you are working with,” reports the website.

Having used the old version of the Zapper, I personally experienced amazing results. I was able to get rid of minor sore throats, stomach ailments like nausea and dizziness through zapping sessions. The Zapper process requires you to use multiple zapping sessions to fully destroy the organisms. The first zap gets rid of the adult life among the organisms. Unfortunately, when they die, they often hatch more eggs and therefore more life. A second and third zapping is recommended to avoid immune problems and continued infestation.

How much does a Zapper Cost?

The original Zapper I purchased was only around $79, but it certainly wasn’t as sophisticated as the Digital Zapper which is $399 and occasionally on sale for $299 on the website. On the old Zapper, you couldn’t adjust the frequency and it was much more primitive in its features. Today’s Digital Zapper is definitely the way to go. It comes with a great booklet to help you figure out the frequency of the organisms you need to destroy. For optimum health and healing, try the Digital Zapper by Dr. Hulda Clark,