Drink Your Veggies? Learn How Drinking Vegetable Juice Can Help You Get Your Daily Recommended Amount of Veggies

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New Study

A new study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of California-Davis has found that drinking daily vegetable juice may be just as effective as eating vegetables. The study took into account three different groups of healthy men and women.

These men and women were instructed to participate in dietary counseling, though only two of the three groups were told to drink one serving of vegetable juice per day. One group was given one 8-ounce glass per day, while the other group was given two 8-ounce glasses per day.

The end result of the study showed that those people ingesting one glass of vegetable juice per day were able to get their daily amount of vegetables. In short, drinking one eight ounce glass of one hundred percent vegetable juice per day will provide you with the right amount of vegetables.

Nearly seven out of ten adults do not get the daily recommended amount of vegetables per day. If these adults would drink one glass of vegetable juice per day, then they would most likely reach the recommended requirement.

What Kind of Juice?

There are a lot of different vegetable juice blends on the market today, so how do you know what one to choose? As with any other food product, the label on the back of a vegetable juice is the part that counts. Take the time to read the ingredient list before purchasing any kind of juice.

Vegetable juice that goes by the name “cocktail” usually includes a large amount of sugar. The idea is not to consume that much sugar while drinking a juice. Instead, look for those blends that are one hundred percent vegetable juice.

Most companies clearly label their juice mix on the front of the bottle. Sometimes, you will have to look carefully at that ingredient list to be sure that there isn’t any extra amount of sugar added. Simply taking the time to look for a pure juice will be well worth the trouble in the end.

Otherwise, you will just be drinking a sugar laced juice that won’t help your diet in any manner. If you stick with those juice blends that only contain pure ingredients, you can drink your vegetables every day. For those that hate eating vegetables, this new juice study is great news. The question now is: have you had your veggies today?