How to Lose Weight Through Smart Grocery Shopping

Plan Meals

In order to lose weight through healthy grocery shopping you must start by doing these three things:

  1. Make a grocery list
  2. Stick to the list
  3. Plan meals

Making and sticking to a grocery list does several things to encourage healthy grocery shopping and resulting weight loss. First of all, you have to actually make a list. It’s no wonder people end up with things in their cart they know they shouldn’t buy when they don’t shop with a list. If you leave the house without a guide in the form of a grocery list, then you will have no clear direction to help you stick to your healthy eating plans. Making buying decisions on a whim leaves too much room for error and temptation.

When you sit down to make your grocery list, do not just write down things you’ve run out of. Replenishing the cupboard should be one of your goals, but you have to be purposeful about what you’re filling the cupboard with. In addition to replacing individual items, think of entire meals you will eat for that week or two.

First make a list of meals and then make a list of the items you need to prepare those meals. That way, you will be sure to have all needed items on hand which will help you resist the temptation to order out. That will also make sure you don’t have to make extra stops at the grocery store after work during the week. Doing so takes up valuable time you could be using to prepare healthy meals instead.

Shop at Off-Peak times

If you have gone through the trouble of planning ahead and purposing yourself to buy healthy foods, you don’t want all those efforts to go to waste because you’re shopping when everyone else is shopping. If you walk in the door and notice the check-out line is wrapped around the corner, you’re going to start to feel stressed. You’ll be wanting to get the whole thing over with as quick as possible. Having trouble navigating the aisles because of crowds will make you will less likely to take the time to read and compare food labels. Shopping during the peak times also means that you’ll have to settle for the worst pick of the healthy fresh fruits and vegetables that you would otherwise want to fill your cart with to help you lose weight.

Eat Before You Shop

A quick way to sabotage your healthy eating plan is to grocery shop while you’re hungry. Shopping while you’re hungry can make it all but impossible to make healthy food choices. When you’re hungry while you’re walking though those aisles, you’re looking for and picking up foods that look good at the moment and those aren’t likely to be healthy foods.

Think about it. What sounds and looks better when you’re really hungry; glazed twist doughnuts or double fiber whole wheat English muffins? Unless you’re already accustomed to eating healthier foods all the time, the doughnuts will probably beat out the competition when you leave the choice to your growling stomach.