Learn How to Eat Raw Food for Weight Loss

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Basics of a Raw Food Diet

A raw foodist typically eats between 75 percent to 100 percent live, uncooked and unprocessed food. Raw food purists eat mainly organic foods that are nutritionally dense and free of pesticides and other toxins. Discovering how to eat raw food for weight loss involves three simple tips:

  • Eat Raw
  • Eat Organic
  • Eat Alkaline

Eat Raw

The first rule is straight forward: eat raw food. This includes not heating foods above 115 degrees Fahrenheit, or 45 degrees Celsius. Doing so kills the enzymes in the food which are useful in digestion. Fruits, vegetables, germinated seeds, nuts and sprouts provide the foundation for a raw food diet. Some raw foodists also include raw fish, raw meats like steak tartar or smoked meats as well as raw cheese, sprouted breads, tortilla wraps and bagels to their menu.

Eat Alkaline

Cut out the acid in your diet by eating raw foods and you will lose weight. Alkaline based foods will speed your weight loss because they raise the amount of oxygen your blood can process. Raw green leafy vegetables are alkalizing as well as herbs and spices, wheat grass, sprouts and some fruit. Watermelon, avocado, young coconuts and cucumbers are among the alkaline fruits. When your body is acidic it cannot absorb enough oxygen, resulting in weight gain, heart issues and candida infections. Check your level by purchasing pH test strips to be sure you are eating enough alkaline foods. This is an easy way to see if eating raw food for weight loss is progressing.

Eat Organic

Organic foods contain more nutrients which ultimately speeds up your weight loss. Fresh, raw organic produce tastes better than conventional produce and packs a bigger punch of vitamins and minerals. The result is a desire to eat food that tastes good and in turn lose weight since you are giving your body what it needs.

Choose Foods with High-Water Content

When you are eating raw food to help you lose weight it is best to choose food with high-water content. Vegetables have the fewest calories per bite, yet they satisfy because they are meeting your bodies need for nutrients. Juicing greens allows you to consume a larger quantity and deliver the energy boosting nutrients to your blood system quicker than just eating them plain. High-water content fruits also help increase satiation because of their fiber and ability to raise blood sugar. This will reduce your appetite making it easier to lose weight on a raw food diet.

Include a Variety of Food

A problem with many diet plans is that the food plan quickly becomes boring and feels restrictive. Avoid going into deprivation mode by making a point to expand your culinary horizons. Include exotic fruits and unique vegetables, seek out raw food recipes that mimic your favorite foods and change up what you eat on a day to day basis.


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