Easy Weight Loss Diet Using Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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High quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight when incorporated into your daily diet. They are typically much lower in calories for the volume, and are high in a wide range of nutrients. Replacing unhealthy, processed foods with a variety of healthy produce will fill you up and satisfy your desires. Food addiction can be curbed by including more than the recommended five servings a day making weight loss efforts more successful.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fight Cravings

Hunger is not the only reason a person eats. Cravings occur when your body is chemically addicted to a particular substance or needs specific nutrients. Processed foods may provide a small amount of nutrients, but are combined with a host of unhealthy or fattening extras and fail to satisfy over the long term. Break the cravings by radically increasing your consumption of greens especially. Fresh greens will support all the systems in your body and create a healthy sense of well-being.

Statistically the average American eats roughly 8 percent fruits and vegetables. The food pyramid suggests five or more servings a day. If you are dieting using fresh fruits and vegetables you will see a dramatic increase success.

What Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Speed Up Weight Loss?

A weight loss diet using fresh fruits and vegetables should include lots of leafy greens such as collard greens, spinach and Swiss chard. Other greens that will speed up weight loss are broccoli and Brussel sprouts. These contain more nutrients per calorie than other choices. Support your body through weight loss with a influx of vitamins and minerals.

Like vegetables, not all fruits are created equally when it comes to helping with weight loss efforts. Lean towards fruits with a quantity of antioxidants. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries top the list. These foods are high in water content, making you feel full faster and they help burn off fat. Choosing fresh fruits and vegetables with a high water content help hydrate the body as well.

Ways to Incorporate Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

Come up with a strategy to boost your intake of fruits and vegetables. Knowing when and how you will be having your produce during the day is better than haphazardly eating. A simple idea is to simply replace one or two meals a day with fresh, raw choices. Consider blending a fruit or green smoothie in the morning to replace breakfast. Wash and cut up vegetables and fruits to snack on during the morning and then eat a large fresh salad for lunch. Incorporate fresh juice into your afternoon for a boost of energy. Try a variety of different exotic fruits and unfamiliar vegetables each week to keep your diet interesting. Purchase a raw food cookbook and try the recipes that call for a large amount of fresh vegetables. Aside from salads and soups, some recipes can be made that will mimic your favorite dish. A weight loss diet using fresh fruits and vegetables will only work if you fill your days with lots of healthy produce.


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