Meal Replacement Shake Diets

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Choosing Meal Replacement Shake Diets

Before learning how to choose the best diet with meal replacement shakes, it is first important to understand why meal replacement shakes are sometimes considered to be good options. Diets that require users to drink meal replacement shakes are commonly consumed by those who are interested in weight loss. In contrast, they are also sometimes used by those who lead a very busy life and cannot find time for lunch, breakfast, or even dinner. Finally, some individuals may choose a meal replacement shake if they have a difficult time getting all of the required nutrients into their diet.

What To Look For In These Diets

To choose the best meal replacement shake, you must first determine what purpose the shake will serve. Shakes can be selected for a number of reasons. These include aiding in weight loss for busy, on-the-go professionals, and as a form of dietary supplement. Those who are interested in using the meal replacement shakes for weight loss should look for a product that is relatively low in calories, while at the same time offering relatively high amounts of dietary protein. In contrast, those who use the shakes to supplement their diet or as a quick meal do not necessarily need a low-calorie shake should instead look for something that offers at least 30 percent of the total required calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate grams for the day. In addition, these individuals should look for a shake that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Finding a product which contains dietary fiber in relatively high amounts is important.

As Always, Use Caution

When used properly, a meal replacement shake can be quite healthy. It is important to follow some basic guidelines in order to make sure that the product is not abused. This is especially important for those who are interested in using the shake for weight loss. Dieters often believe that by consuming shakes for all meals of the day and cutting out food entirely, weight loss goals can be achieved in a shorter period of time. While rapid weight loss may occur when done in this manner, it can be quite dangerous. In the most serious cases, organ failure, coma and even death may occur

Diets That Contain Meal Replacement Shakes

Though there are a number of diets that tout the benefits of meal replacement shakes, some of the most common include the Slim-Fast, Optifast, and Medifast diets. On average, these shakes provide around 10 grams of protein per shake–around half of your total protein requirements for the day. Most of the additional calories associated with these shakes come in the form of carbohydrates. Fats are almost nonexistent in these meal replacement shakes, due to their high calorie content. Most of these products can be purchased at grocery or nutritional stores. Individuals who desire different flavors may need to look at online retailers.


In order to have the best results when it comes to choosing a meal replacement shake, it is important to experiment in order to find the shake that works best for you. While one particular type of shake may seem great on paper, if it doesn’t taste good it won’t be consumed. In some cases, it can take several weeks or even months to find a meal replacement shake that is both acceptable and which meets the needs of the individual.

In Conclusion…

Choosing between various meal replacement shake diets can obviously be quite a challenge. For best results, individuals should start by considering why they are interested in replacing meals. Experimenting with a variety of meal replacement shake diets is also important to finding a product that is nutritious and delicious.