How to Start Losing the Weight: Consult Your Doctor and Dietitian

Keep Two Drafts of the Game Plan

Rounds one and two of the draft pick are for the M.D. (doctor) and R.D. (dietician) positions. Now that you are motivated, you’ve written down your goals, and decided on a plan of action, place that plan somewhere you can see it every day. Keep a copy for review by the first two members of your team, also.

Why You Need a Team

Change in itself is very difficult for people. Health behaviors are among the hardest to change. That’s why you needn’t try to do it alone. There were probably a number of things that contributed to you gaining weight. By the same token, you ought to use a number of resources to help you lose the weight.


Here is a list of resources at your disposal that can help you start and keep your weight off.

Registered Dietitian

A Registered Dietitian is a professional trained in food and nutrition. They have to meet certain educational and training standards before they can be an R.D. The same is not true for a nutritionist. Make sure you check the credentials of any health professional before you consult with them.


That being said, an R.D. can be a wonderful resource for your weight loss journey. They can help you set realistic weight loss goals and give you specific information about how to change your diet. This is especially useful if you have a health condition that warrants a special diet.

What It Will Cost You

Some Registered Dieticians will meet with you for a free, short consultation to introduce you to what they do and get an idea of your current situation. Beyond that, some insurance programs will cover your visits with and R.D. and some won’t. You will need to call your insurance company and ask them if they cover it and what conditions need to be met before they will.

Your health insurance plan may allow you to see an R.D. without a referral. Others may cover it if you’ve been referred by your doctor or have a health condition that they feel warrants the visit.

Remember that all insurance companies have a different set of rules when it comes to this so just give them a call and ask. It can make the difference between successful weight management for life or a lifetime of frustration on the weight loss roller coaster.

Even if your health plan won’t cover it, you should still consider making this wise and sometimes necessary investment in your health and wellness.

Doctor or Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Always consult with your doctor (or PCP as your health insurance company calls them) before you begin any weight loss plan. Ask him/her about how this will affect any medications you might be taking, any types of activities or foods to avoid, and anything else that may come in to play when you start making changes to what you eat and do.

Chances are that she has already been encouraging you to get to a healthy weight, but you will want to have a discussion with her in detail about your specific plans to lose weight.

Your team is not complete yet. Learn about who else to draft for your weight loss team in the next article in this series.

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