How to Get Motivated to Lose the Weight For Good

Lack of Motivation Can Keep You From Losing Weight

In October 2008, a study was published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology entitled Motivations and Barriers to Exercise Among College Students. The researchers found that one of the most common reasons people hadn’t made healthy changes in their lifestyle was due to a lack of motivation.

The article cited some very interesting findings about some of the barriers that exist to people making healthier lifestyle choices. Follow this link for more information on the findings of the study: New Study Shows Lack of Motivation is a Top Reason College Students Don’t Exercise.

Even though the study was conducted among college students, lack of motivation is a problem that adults of all ages face. If you’re one of those adults, take the time to consider following this plan of action to help you get and stay motivated to start your diet.

You don’t have to wait until New Year’s to make a resolution to lose weight. After all, you’re going to need more than that to get and keep you going once all the newness wears off and you start to get weary.

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Make a list of the reasons you want to lose the weight. Ignore the reasons your doctor told you to lose the weight. Ignore the warnings from the surgeon general for a moment. Just think selfishly and be superficial about why you want to lose weight.

Do you want to look better in your clothes? Do you want to look better when you’re out of your clothes and completely naked? It really doesn’t matter how vain your reasons are, just write them down anyway. If they’re important to you they count toward getting and keeping you motivated.

Why Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Now make a list of all the reasons you need to lose weight. Do you have a family history of disease related to obesity? Are you struggling to manage a health condition you already have? Maybe you have hopes of joining the military. Perhaps you just want to be around for your kids and grandkids. Make an exhaustive list of any and all of these reasons.

Who Benefits From You Losing Weight?

Make a list of people who will benefit from you losing weight. Make sure you’re on the top of this list. Some of you moms may be tempted to list your family members before yourselves, but remember that you have to care for the caregiver. What’s going to happen to them if something were to happen to you? What kind of care can you give them when you don’t have the energy to keep up with them?

Post the Lists

Put those lists in a prominent place. Your bedroom mirror, your closet or the refrigerator are all good spots. Attach photos to them if you’d like. If you have gained weight, find a photo of yourself at a healthier weight and attach it.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Successful business people write down their goals and put them somewhere they can see them. The same principle applies to your plans to start your journey toward a happier, healthier you. Step one for getting and keeping the weight off is getting motivated. Now, you’re ready to move on to step two: what you need to know and do before you start losing the weight.

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