How to Lose Weight When You’re a Stay-At-Home Mom: How Keeping a Food Journal Helps and Some Tips On How to Be A Recruiter

Be Intentional About Weight Loss

There are two ways to win the battle of the bulge when you’re a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). Being intentional and being organized are your two most effective ways to win the war that staying at home wages on your body.

Winning the diet and exercise battles are the keys to winning the weight war. One of the biggest hurdles to get over when you’re at home all day is being in charge of the structure (or lack thereof) of your day.

When you work outside the home there is some sort of a structure or schedule in place that gives way to a routine you follow. This makes doing things on purpose a lot easier because you can more easily predict what you’ll be doing and when.

However, when you govern the course of your own day, and you don’t intentionally do things to promote weight management, you will most certainly be losing that war. You have probably heard it said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well that pretty much sums up what will happen if you don’t carry out your daily actions on purpose.

It’s not enough to want to lose weight and try to lose weight. Wanting and trying are good in theory but planning and doing are good in practice. In the business world, the successful people are the ones that write down their goals and their plans to achieve them. The same rules apply at home.

Here are some habits you can put into practice to get you started:

Keep a Food Log

SAHM eat a lot of calories without realizing it. For instance, you eat what’s left on your child’s plate when they’re done eating. After all, it’s not good to waste it, right?

Get a piece of paper or a notebook and put it somewhere highly visible that you will be able to get to many times in a day. Start a food log with every single thing you eat and drink. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated at all. Just write what you ate and how much.

Just keeping a food log alone will force you to be more conscious of what you’re eating, and therefore more intentional about your plans to lose weight.

Be a Recruiter

If you find that you don’t have time in your day to exercise, you should strongly consider recruiting other people into your wellness plans. For instance, do you have a friend or neighbor that is a SAHM? Do you routinely take the kids to grandma’s house to visit? You could talk to your friends and family to arrange visits around a physical activity such as walking.

When you visit your mom, why not spend your first 20 minutes walking around the block briskly? If you routinely meet for play dates, why not arrange something that enables you to get in some exercise, too? If you don’t have a local moms group, start one!