Losing Weight With the Three Day Diet Regimented Meal Plan: Does it Work?

Losing Weight With the Three Day Diet Regimented Meal Plan: Does it Work?
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The Three Day Diet Regimented Meal Plan can help you lose ten pounds within the prescribed three days. This is what proponents of this short-term diet claim. Although the 3 Day Diet does help you lose these pounds, it does have its own critics. Let’s have a brief look at how this diet plan helps you lose weight fast.

It is a low calorie diet in which you consume less than 1000 calories a day to promote quick weight loss. Often mistakenly referred as the Cleveland Clinic diet, the meal plan is followed for three straight days and has nothing to do with Cleveland Clinic.

This is a short-term diet plan that requires an individual to follow three regimented meal plans a day for three days continuously. A normal diet is then followed for the next four to five days, after which the individual may opt for the same diet plan again. Since it does claim to help you lose 10 pounds in three days, you can lose up to 40 pounds in the duration of a month.

What are the Three Day Diet Meal Plans?

The diet involves a specific meal plan and to help in fast weight loss, you need to follow it precisely as recommended.

Day one breakfast involves a single slice of toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter and half a grape fruit. Lunch is half a cup of tuna taken with one slice of toast. Dinner involves three ounces of lean meat, a cup of beets, a cup of string beans, a small apple, and a regular cup of vanilla ice cream.

Breakfast on day two involves a slice of toast and an egg and half a banana. Half a cup of tuna or cottage cheese is taken at lunchtime along with five regular saltine crackers. Dinner consists of two slices of beef, a cup of cabbage or broccoli, half a banana, half a cup of carrots and half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

On the third day, take five saltine crackers, an apple and an ounce of cheddar cheese at breakfast. Lunch consists of a boiled egg and slice of toast. Dinner is a cup of tuna, a cup of cauliflower, a cup of melon and half a cup of regular vanilla ice cream.

A cup of black tea or coffee or a glass of water can be taken with every meal. The tea or coffee should be sugar free.

The 3 Day Diet also allows you to add a pinch of salt or pepper, lemon, soy sauce, mustard, ketchup, vinegar and Worcestershire for adding some flavor to your food. Dieters are also required to take at least eight glasses of water or diet soda throughout the day.

How does it Work?

There is no specific explanation of how this diet plan actually works in helping lose weight quickly. However, the foods taken during these three days are supposed to act on the metabolism of the individual and boost the burning of fat in some way.

As mentioned above, the diet lasts only for three days, but can be continued for as long as you want, provided that you eat a normal diet for four to five days after each three day diet. It is claimed that this prevents the metabolism from slowing down and going into starvation mode or storing fat. It also keeps you from feeling hungry.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Three Day Diet Regimented Meal Plan

Saltine-Crackers are a part of the 3 Day Diet Regimented Meal Plans

A sudden drop in calories makes you lose weight fast. This weight loss may comprise partly of fat loss but most of it is accomplished due to water loss. The 3 Day Diet foods are not unhealthy, however the problem is that the meal plan is not nutritional or well balanced. The calorie restriction is too severe which is not good for health and you may also need to restrict your activities due to the sudden drop in calorie intake.

The diet is also very low in carbohydrates. These compounds retain water in the body and the initial weight loss is often due to the restriction of these compounds in your diet. Once you get back to normal eating, you gain the weight back as quickly as you lost it.

So, think carefully before you choose the Three Day Diet Regimented Meal Plan. If you are looking at losing those extra 10 pounds to look good for a party within three days, maybe you can give it a try. However, keep in mind that the calorie restriction will make you feel dizzy and the quick weight loss will not be permanent.


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