Is the 2468 Diet Safe?

The Premise

The 2468 Diet is a starvation diet originating from several pro-anorexia message boards as an extreme way to lose weight. It is not known who created it, but thousands of teens use it everyday to quickly shed pounds. But is the 2468 Diet safe? Numerous experts, including nutritionists and physicians, agree it is not safe—but does reduce weight.

The Details


The numbers 2468 in the 2468 Diet stands for the variation of calories in the plan, which pro-anorexics believe speeds up the metabolism, preventing plateaus. The plan runs on a continuous four day cycle, starting over when the fourth day is completed.

  • Day 1: Consume 200 calories.
  • Day 2: Consume 400 calories.
  • Day 3: Consume 600 calories.
  • Day 4: Consume 800 calories.

There are no dietary restrictions besides sticking to the calorie guidelines.

Difficulty of Plan (3 out of 5)

Although the plan is difficult for the body and mind to adjust to, the rules are fairly simple. There are no special foods, drinks, or rules to follow except for the restrictions placed on calorie intake. Otherwise the food and meal options are limitless. People can eat whatever they want, provided it meets the caloric goal for that day.

Total Cost (4 out of 5)

There is no cost to use or complete the plan. It is free to access the plan online, adding to its convenience. The only issue here is its safety, which is highly debated. Although pro-anorexics claim that it allows people to eat whatever they want, nutritionists and eating disorder specialists say it is extremely dangerous.

Chances of Success (3 out of 5)

There’s no debate that the 2468 Diet is effective for weight loss. The only issue here is the significant mental and physical harm it causes. According to Flabby To Firm, dieters lost an average of ten pounds per month, with some dieters averaging more weight loss. As far as weight loss is concerned, the possibility of not losing weight is not an issue here.

Safety (1 out of 5)

Although it promotes rapid, quick weight loss, it does so in a very unsafe, unhealthy manner. According to,the 2468 Diet is a very unhealthy plan that can cause tiredness, headaches, and irritability. It promotes anorexic-like starvation, and many people who use this paln to lose weight experience anorexic complications. Quitting won’t help either—eating normally after the diet shocks the body, sending it into panic mode and causing extreme weight gain. It also causes the metabolism to slow down.

Many experts do not recommend the 2468 Diet because it essentially promotes pro-anorexia. It is not recommended for anyone of any body type or fitness style.

Overall Value (2 out of 5)

As a whole, the 2468 Diet is one of the most dangerous diets around, essentially promoting starvation and anorexic behaviors. Although pro-anorexics follow it religiously and claim it is safe, clinical evidence shows it can cause serious damage.

Let’s answer the original question. Is the 2468 Diet safe? No, it is not. It is not safe under any circumstances.