Sugar Busters Diet Review - Will This Diet Work to Help You Lose Weight?

Sugar Busters Diet Review - Will This Diet Work to Help You Lose Weight?
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What is Sugar Busters? (3 out of 5)

The Sugar Busters!® Cut Sugar to Trim Fat diet was created by three medical doctors and a Fortune 500 company CEO in order to help people lose weight and become healthier by cutting harmful sugars out of their regular diets.

The idea behind this diet is that the wrong kinds of sugars and too much sugar in general causes the production of insulin in the human body which stops the body’s process of eliminating excess sugars and creating more fat gain. Fat gained by unprocessed sugars remains on the body due to a continually excessive amounts of sugar that inhibits proper insulin function from the pancreas. This type of weight gain is what causes the diagnosis of Type II diabetes.

How the Diet Works (3 out of 5)

By incorporating the Sugar Busters diet plan, which is really a lifestyle plan that will eliminate excess sugars entering the body, the body will begin to burn off the weight gained from consuming too much sugar. The body will also start to function more properly because it is not working to create excess insulin to deal with high amounts of sugar.

Cutting out Sugars (3 out of 5)

The hardest part for many people who engage in this diet is in cutting out the excess and wrong types of sugars that are added into so many products. Some of the sugars that need to be eliminated include:

Chance of Diet Success (4 out of 5)

Overall this diet has worked for many people, more so with those who have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. The eating plans and recipes in the Sugar Busters!® Cut Sugar to Trim Fat book do work, however, it is a hard diet to follow if you already eat a lot of processed and commercially available foods.

The best option for having this diet/lifestyle plan work for you is to begin with an organic diet first to let your body adjust to the change from eating foods high in additives and preservatives. Because of the withdrawal symptoms that the body goes through when switching to non-chemically charged and high sugared foods you will need an adjustment period.

If you are already on an organic or vegan eating plan, then taking on the Sugar Busters diet will be easier for you to follow and accomplish your weight loss goals.