Morning Banana Diet Review – Does this Weight Loss Plan Really Work?

The Morning Banana Diet Review

The Morning Banana Diet, a simple Japanese diet, originated in Japan and made the entire nation go bananas. Its immense popularity led to an acute shortage of bananas in the Japanese super markets. Owing to extensive media coverage, articles, and books, the diet spread all over the world and gained popularity in America.

Origins of the Morning Banana Diet

Hitoshi Watanabe and his fiancé Sumiko were the founder-followers of the Morning Banana Diet. The basic rules were presented by Sumiko, a practitioner of alternative healing. The results pleased and excited Hitoshi so much that he published the diet, along with his photos before and after adopting it, on Yaseru, a community of weight watchers on the popular Japanese social networking site Mixi.

The diet soon caught the attention of over 250,000 weight watchers on Yaseru who tried it, discussed it, and modified it. Thus was born the Morning Banana Diet or the Asa Banana Diet, as it was then called.

Basic Rules for the Morning Banana Diet

  • For breakfast, have as many fresh and uncooked bananas as you like. After eating the bananas slowly and meditatively, sip some lukewarm water.
  • Have a snack at mid-morning, thirty minutes to a few hours after the morning banana and water breakfast.
  • You can eat anything you like for lunch and dinner; however, you should keep your stomach slightly empty.
  • A snack, or even a sweet, can be eaten in the afternoon.
  • Although the Morning Banana Diet encourages physical activity, it doesn’t make daily workouts mandatory. So, you need to force yourself to exercise!
  • Diligently avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, and desserts.
  • Eat your dinner before 8 p.m. and go to bed before midnight.

Theories on How It Works

The first followers of the Morning Banana Diet had absolutely no idea how the diet worked for them; they just knew that it did! Later, when the diet gained popularity, a number of dieters, nutrition experts, and physicians began throwing around their theories on how the Morning Banana Diet worked. Here is a short summary on what they say:

  • Bananas contain an insoluble carbohydrate called resistant starch, which can burn fat and help with weight loss.
  • Certain enzymes in fresh, uncooked bananas speed up digestion and elimination.
  • The combination of bananas and lukewarm water causes quicker and frequent elimination and cures constipation. This makes dieters feel lighter.
  • Morning Banana Diet encourages dieters to finish dinner early and go to bed before midnight. This not only gives the body rest from digesting food at night, but also prevents mindless eating. Dieters wake up with lots of energy in the morning, feeling fresher and lighter than ever.
  • Stress is the number-one factor that leads to weight gain. This diet is a stress buster because it aims at making dieters feel good. Since dieters can eat what they like and stay away from exercises, they feel more relaxed and lose weight.

Criticism about the Morning Banana Diet

Nutrition experts and physicians do not approve of the Morning Banana Diet. They label it as a “fad diet” and claim that it is an ineffective weight loss plan because: first, the diet doesn’t emphasize on physical exercises; second, it is monotonous since it requires the dieter to eat bananas everyday; and third, it permits dieters to eat anything for lunch and dinner, including pizzas and fried foods!

Faithful followers of the Morning Banana Diet, however, respond that the diet does not emphasize on exercises because it is a weight loss plan that has nothing to do with fitness. Since it permits dieters to substitute other fruit for bananas, there is no question of the diet getting monotonous. While the diet allows people to eat anything they like, it certainly discourages dieters from over eating; on the contrary, dieters are required to keep their stomachs slightly empty.

Does the Morning Banana Diet work?

Those who have successfully followed the Morning Banana Diet say it does! The diet is simple and flexible, allowing you to modify it as you like. However, one cannot claim that it works for all; no diet does! You must first try it to find out if it works for you.