Slim-Fast: Diet Review

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Slim-Fast Review

We have seen the many commercials of “fighting the craving” but can Slim-Fast really satisfy your hunger while helping you lose weight? When you think of Slim-Fast you may think about the shakes that were always advertised, but Slim-Fast has since evolved over the years. Slim-Fast now has snacks, bars, pasta, and soups.

The official Slim-Fast website says that in order to be successful, Slim-Fast will help reduce your calorie intake because it will provide portion control as well as good nutrition. An example of what a 120-pound woman would eat daily is as follows:

Breakfast: A Slim-Fast Meal-On-The-Go

Lunch: Combine a Slim-Fast Meal-On-The-Go with 200 calories of healthy foods

Dinner: Eat a healthy 500-calorie meal

Slim-Fast’s motto is to replace, combine, dine and snack. You need to replace certain meals with a Slim-Fast Meal, combine a Slim-Fast meal with other healthy foods, eat a well balanced dinner and snack on fruits and veggies.

Snack: Include 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

Slim-Fast states that by controlling your portions, eating sensibility and exercising at least 30 minutes a day, you will be able to lose weight. If you really follow the Slim-Fast plan you should be able to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Slim-Fast also provides support with their online chats, message boards, success stories and “Ask the Dietitian;” all found on their website.

According to the website many people have been able to maintain their weight with Slim-Fast even after a few years. This diet is very structured so the person gets into a routine and therefore will continue with it as months and years progress. However, they do warn that in order to really succeed a person has to like the taste of the product because if they don’t they will not want to continue eating it.

For more information on the Slim-Fast diet, visit their official website.