Jillian Michaels’ Online Program Review

The Cost (3 out of 5)

I am a member of Jillian Michaels online. As far as payment goes, the fee is $52 every quarter for a total of $208.00 per year. This is cheaper than most gym memberships. You can pay through credit card or PayPal. A word of caution about using PayPal. If you chose this option, you cannot change payment methods through JillianMichaels.com. All payment changes will have to go through PayPal. I closed out my PayPal account without realizing this. When it came time to pay for my subscription to JillianMichaels.com I had to cancel one account and open a new one. The information I was tracking could not be transferred over and was lost. All of my online journals and weight tracking and goal setting were lost.

Weight Tracking (3 out of 5)

There are many different aspects to Jillian Michaels online website. The first is weight tracking. The website expects you to log your weight every Friday. There is an option to start over if you slip up. Your weight is charted and tracked. It is helpful to see how your weight loss is progressing. However, you can accomplish the same thing using Excel. There are also free online resources that you can use to track weight and body mass index. There is no need to pay for this service.

Online Journal (3 out of 5)

Another part of the website is an online journal. Using this feature allows one to log workouts, meals, calories taken in, set goals and just ramble. Handy if you need this however, anyone can do this using a paper journal at home or with any word processing software. There is no need to pay for this service.

Meal Plan (4 out of 5)

Jillian Michaels online gives you a questionnaire to answer. Based on your answers, your daily caloric intake is calculated and a meal plan is designed. The website will tell you if you are a slow, fast or balanced oxidizer. Depending on how you oxidize or metabolize food, a meal plan is set up for you. The meal plan is well balanced and easy to follow. Substitutions can be made if you want to change for whatever reason. There is the ability to email the information to a friend and you can create shopping lists. A week in advance view is available to allow you to plan and shop for the next week. All meals come with nutritional information. If calorie counting and portion size is an issue for you this part of the website will be invaluable.

Exercise Routine (3 out of 5)

An exercise plan is also set up for you. No expensive equipment is required. A set of lightweight hand weights, a Pilate’s type ball and exercise bands are all that is required. The exercise plan is supposed to take into account your experience or fitness level. However, it does not take into account any injuries or health issues that may prevent you from performing certain exercises. Lunges are not for individuals with knee problems. All of Jillian Michaels workouts involve lunges. Another series of floor exercises are stressful on the lower back. Individuals with back issues such as slipped, herniated, ruptured or bulging disks should not perform these particular exercises. No warnings are given for exercises that could aggravate existing injuries. I fell that this is one area that can be improved.

Online Community (4 out of 5)

Jillian’s blog and the community boards are still another website feature. Jillian lets you know what she is up to and offers challenges in her blog. The community boards are great for online support and to find kindred souls. No matter what your issues are, there is an online group on this website that can offer you support and camaraderie.


Jillian Michaels uses this website as an opportunity to market to a captive audience. In addition to her store where you can purchase her books and DVD’s, subscribers have the opportunity to add home delivered meals and to sign up for life coaching services. All of these opportunities come with a price tag.

Overall, JillianMichaels.com is probably worth the money. It costs less than a gym membership. The exercises do not require an investment in expensive equipment. The diet takes into account your caloric needs and it is easy to shop for and prepare. I would recommend it for those beginning on their weight loss journey.