The Skinny Diet: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever - Diet Review

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The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever

The Skinny Diet is a diet that was made famous by health writer Robin Aronson and her friend, food writer Melissa Clark. The two of them teamed up after Aronson gave birth to twins and she had some weight to shed. She realized that Melissa ate out almost every night as part of her work, and not only did she not gain weight, she was skinny, too. The book, The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever, can be found at many book stores, both on-line and off.

Basics Principles of the Skinny Diet

The basic principles of this diet are simple. Eat what you want, when you want, as long as you practice reason. If it is a brownie, eat less of it than if it is steamed vegetables. This is the simplest diet there is because it is common sense. Figure out what you want to eat, eat it when you are hungry, and stop when you are full. Eat just a few bites of the “bad” food to satisfy the craving you get when you know you’re on a diet and you are not supposed to have, and fill the rest of your appetite with vegetables and fruits which are good for you.

Portion Control

Instead of limiting your food type, limit your food intake. It will keep you happy because you are still getting what you want when you want it, but you are reducing the overall quantity of food, which will help you lose weight. Eat large amounts of fruits, vegetables, and grains, while limiting your sweets and salty foods, and keeping a reasonable amount of protein in your diet.

The diet is healthy as long as you are being sensible about it. Since the plan is completely up to you in terms of what you eat and when, including how much, you cannot really judge the nutritional sound and value of the plan. The biggest thing about this diet is portion control, which can be assisted by using smaller plates - fill up the smaller plate full of good stuff, and your brain still thinks you are eating a full plate of food and fights the cravings and hunger thoughts when you don’t need to eat.

Does the Skinny Diet Work?

The diet may or may not work for you in being able to keep the weight off. The only success stories surrounding the diet are the authors of the diet and their friends, so even if it does work, there is reason to doubt it. However, because the basic principle stands to reason, it’s not about what you eat as much at is how much and how often.