Micheal Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover for Weight Loss

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There are many diets that are promoted through the late night infomercials all over the TV after hours. One of the most popular of the infomercial diets is the Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover. This is a diet plan that can be ordered through the on-line web site or through the toll free number that is given on the infomercials.

The idea of this diet is that you eat based on your body type. At the beginning of the diet plan, you are required to answer some questions to determine your body type. There is a DVD to help you take these questions and then set up your diet book to get started on your weight loss goals. When I did this, I found out that I had one of the slowest metabolisms that is out there. This was not news to me so I figured Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover was onto something.

Once you have set up your diet book there is a very rigid diet plan that you need to follow. You need to eat every two to three hours very small meals. The exact amounts and type of protein and carbs that you are allowed are written out in the book. You are not allowed any salt, sugar, or fats. There is also no caffeine allowed on this diet. It is very intense and takes a lot of discipline to follow.

To keep salt and sugar out of my diet, I made all of my meals from scratch. I stayed away from all prepackaged meals because they are full of sodium. A regular lunch for me on this diet was a baked piece of skinless chicken breast seasoned with a salt-free seasoning mix of herbs, and a cup of brown rice. This diet took a lot of work to prepare meals in advance that I could keep up with my diet. I did not find myself able to eat out in restaurants and have regular meals with my family. It is because of this that I usually prepared my meals separately from my family.

The Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover does include working out. The workouts were the easiest part of diet plan for me. The plan is to walk for 45 minutes a day and keep your heart rate within a certain range. This was just like going for a brisk walk. On bad days I would just walk in place in my apartment for the same affect. There is a DVD and resistance bands that you use to workout your muscles for 30 minutes a day. The exercises were easy to incorporate into my everyday routine and taught me that to lose weight you do not have to go to a gym. You can do affective workouts at home.

I tried the Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover to slim down for a cruise I was planning on going on. I started the diet plan three months before I planned on going on the cruise. I started out as a size 10. I was very disciplined about following the weight loss routine and it did work for me. I was a size 4 when I packed my bags for the trip. I could not believe the great weight loss results that I had seen. Because I was eating every two to three hours, I never felt hungry. It was great until I went on my cruise. I decided that since I was on vacation I was going to enjoy the food that was available on the cruise. I did not go overboard with the food that I ate. I did start eating salt and fats and saw my weight start to go up while on the seven day cruise. I ended up fitting into a size 8 by the time that I ended up leaving the ship. I do believe that Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover works to lose weight, however it is a hard plan to continue for the rest of my life.