Does the Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution Really Work?

Dr. Phil

Everyone knows Dr. Phil, and you’re about to get familiar with his weight loss plan. Naturally, as Dr. Phil is a self-help guru, the plan consists of many behavioral changing aspects, as well as diet plans. This for many people is exactly why this diet plan works while other plans have failed.

Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution’s Foods

Firstly, let’s talk about the foods. Dr. Phil claims people should eat High-Response Cost, High-Yield foods. What does that mean? It means he encourages eating foods that have taken a long time to prepare, and a long time to eat. Convenience foods should be expunged from the diet.

Soup is a prime example because it is very filling but also takes a long time to consume.

Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution’s Seven Steps

That’s just a simple breakdown of the foods he wants you to eat, the meat and potatoes of the plan are Dr. Phil’s seven steps.

The steps are:

Right Thinking

No more self defeating thoughts, don’t beat up on yourself or get down on yourself.

Healing Feelings

Change emotional eating from life. Factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression should be focused on.

No-Fail Environment

Your environment should promote healthy eating and living.

Impulse Mastery

Impulse eating because of tragedies and stress need to come to an end.

High-Response/Yield Foods

Foods that take a long time to prepare, a long time to eat, and will leave you feeling full.

Intentional Exercise

Exercise is key to any diet regimen. Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution is no different.

Support Circle

The people you surround yourself with should be 100% supporting of what you’re trying to do.

Will Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution Work?

The simple answer is Yes! Not only does it promote eating right but it promotes a consistent of exercise. Diet plans that claim to work without exercising are bogus and untrue.

What’s more is that Dr. Phil tries to hone in on why a person is overweight. Is it emotional? Is it medical? He encourages treatment for medical conditions.

But for emotional or behavioral problems his seven steps can be really helpful. People will focus on searching within themselves for the answers to why their overweight. Moreover, they’re encouraged to be in circles of support and to change their environment.

For a person who knows that a regular diet/exercise plan isn’t enough, and needs a little more support, then Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution is perfect.


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