The Subway Diet

Subway Diet History

Subway is the third largest fast food company in the world. With over 30,000 franchises in nearly 90 countries, you can find one of these restaurants in virtually every nook and cranny in the world. Selling mostly submarine sandwiches, Subway is a food option for millions of people each year.

If you’ve ever seen a Subway commercial, you are probably aware of Jared Fogle. Fogle is the former University of Indiana student who rose to fame due to losing weight on what he called the Subway Diet. As the story goes, he weight 425 pounds and his health was in jeopardy before he decided to cut out the other food in his diet and mostly just eat Subway food.

After a year on the Subway Diet, Fogle reportedly lost nearly 250 pounds. Once Subway caught wind of his story, he was soon a global icon in the advertising industry and appeared in commercials around the globe.

Subway Diet Food

According to Fogle, the Subway Diet he followed was rather simply. He ate a light breakfast of cereal with skim milk and black coffee. Lunch was a turkey sandwich from Subway along with diet soda. For dinner, Fogle ate a vegetarian Subway sandwich and drank water. If he needed a snack throughout the day, he ate a fruit such as an apple or an orange.

An oftentimes overlooked aspect about Fogle’s Subway Diet is the fact that he also upped his exercise level. He walked back and forth to the Subway restaurant for each meal, which totaled over a mile of walking each day.

Subway Diet Success

All told, the success of Fogle’s diet plan isn’t too surprising. It wasn’t really about what he ate, but rather how much he ate. This diet’s success comes largely because of reduced calorie intake. His daily food regimen had him eating less than 1,000 calories per day, which were nearly all burned off by his daily walking and other activities. The downside to the Subway Diet is that the lack of variety makes it a difficult diet to stick to. Plus, it lacks a lot of vital nutrition of a well balanced diet.

However, if you love Subway food and there is a restaurant near you that you can walk to, it very well could be worth a try. These days, Subway has a host of different sandwiches that have less than six grams of fat. Eating two of those sandwiches per day to go along with little else could be the basis of a successful low-calorie diet.

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