Does the Cheater’s Diet Really Work?

The Cheater’s Diet. No, this isn’t a diet for people who like to cheat on their spouses, but rather for people who can’t help but cheat on their diets.

People like to cheat on their diets, grabbing a snack they know they shouldn’t and continuing on their way. Often times they’ll feel bad, but not on the Cheater’s Diet, there is no need to feel bad!

In face, the Cheater’s Diet recommends cheating, specifically on the weekends!

The Cheater’s Diet

Firstly, let’s talk about what the diet is. It consists of eating three meals a day, with a couple snacks. The authors feel this will keep a persons metabolism functioning at its peak. Many diets encourage eating a lot less, but this can slow metabolism and weight can be gained easier.

The diet also includes rigorous exercise routines during the week (as all sound diet plans will have). Exercise is single handedly the most important step into weight loss. This can’t be stressed enough. Don’t believe me? A person can diet and not exercise and there’s a good chance they won’t lose weight. But a person who exercises and doesn’t diet at all can actually lose weight. I know because this is how I lost weight last year, never changed my eating habits just exercised for once.

But enough about me, what about the cheater’s diet? What’s the cheating all about? Well after 5 days of eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, a grace period opens up. During this period (9 a.m. Saturday until 9 p.m. Sunday) the authors suggest eating whatever you like. This can range from pizza, to a slice of cake, to cheese, cinnamon buns, wine, chocolate, etc.

Will the Cheater’s Diet Work?

The cheater’s diet can definitely work, but not because of the cheating aspect. The authors claim that by eating what you want on the weekend, your metabolism will work harder and perform at its peak.

The problem is that there’s no conclusive evidence that the cheater’s diet works. The authors had no tests or experiments done.

Another potential problem is that some people, when they cheat once, will continue to cheat and simply break from the diet altogether.

The only plus on the diet is that it promotes healthy activity. If sanctioning your cheating to weekends works for you, however, then this plan would be ideal.

Source from the article The Cheater’s Diet