Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Really Work?

Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Really Work?
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Ah yes, the infamous cabbage soup diet. And infamous indeed!

The cabbage soup diet is probably the worst diet regimen I’ve ever encountered and it baffles me why anyone would want to try such a thing.

The cabbage soup diet consists of one main thing: eating cabbage soup. There is nothing else to it, and it’s recommended that nothing else be done. Basically you’ll be starving yourself with the exception of the cabbage soup you’ll eat.

The diet contains no exercise plan, no behavioral tinkering, and no advice for anything regarding bad habits. One thing and one thing only is to be done while on this diet: eat cabbage soup.

What Do I Eat Daily on the Cabbage Soup Diet?

What do you eat day to day? This is easy: Cabbage soup. For instance, on the first day you’d eat cabbage soup and also some fruits throughout the day. The second day you’d eat cabbage soup and maybe some veggies. The third day you’d eat cabbage soup with a mix of fruits and vegetables. See a trend? On the fourth day you’d eat cabbage soup, bananas, and maybe some skim milk.

As the week goes on you can eat slightly different things. The fifth day has you eat a small amount of meats! How exciting!

And the seventh day will have dieters eating cabbage soup (of course), veggies, and some unsweetened fruit juices.

Will the Cabbage Soup Diet Work for me?

Will you lose weight? Surely. Will you keep the weight off? Not a chance.

The majority of the weight that will be lost is water-weight and not fat. The diet doesn’t have enough nutrients, exercise plans (none at all) or anything else to promote fat burning.

What it does have, however, is a rigorous consumption of cabbage soup.

The cabbage soup diet is a bad idea. It’s the equivalent of starving yourself but with slight exceptions. It doesn’t have an exercise routine or any other behavioral recommendations and doesn’t give you the nutrients your body will need.

People have reported feeling light headed while on this diet. And I’m sure the symptoms don’t stop there.

A “diet” like this makes gimmicky diet plans like the Cookie Diet or the 5 Factor Diet seem like godsends. What baffles me more than how people can think it works, is how people can eat the food. Cabbage soup day-in day-out?

Take or leave this diet? Leave it in the dumpster and never look back.


Information Source: from the article The Cabbage Soup Diet

Personal Experience: Yes I have tried it and found it to be horrible, not only because of the lack of variety but also because once you stop eating the strict diet the weight will pile back on even quicker then it was lost.

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