Ray Kurzweil and His Amazing Plan to Live Long Enough to Live Forever

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How to Live Forever

Among other things, Ray Kurzweil is a futurist, and predicts that because technology grows at an exponential rate, the technology to significantly prolong his life will exist within a few decades. Kurzweil’s plan is to keep using technology to prolong his life, and eventually, the technology will exist, he predicts, to make him immortal all together.

How to Live Forever

Until technology reaches that point, however, Kurzweil uses diet, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments to prolong his life as much as possible.

There are some parts of Kurweil’s nutritional plan, such as weekly intravenous injections of nutrient cocktails, that would be rather difficult for the average person to duplicate. Most of the ways in which Kurzweil extends his life span, though, are easy enough that virtually anyone, with a little dedication, could do.

Kurzweil believes very strongly in drinking alkaline water. Large amounts of water are needed, he believes, to flush toxins out of the body, and alkaline water has the added bonus of preserving enzymes in the body which neutralize acidic waste products. Kurzweil also advocates drinking green tea, which is rich in anti-oxidants, and also limited amounts of red wine, which contains the compound resveratrol, which is thought to significantly extend life span.

As for eating, Kurzweil advocates a diet that leaves out several crucial things. Kurzweil claims that it has been years since he ate anything that contained even a tiny bit of sugar. He also believes that other high glycemic index foods such as white bread, potatoes, or white rice should be severely restricted or avoided entirely in favor of low glycemic index foods like whole wheats and brown rice.

Kurzweil does not make carbohydrates the base of his diet either, but instead eats large amounts of vegetables and fruits, believing that the nutrients they provide are essential to proper health. Kurzweil rounds out his diet with lean meats, tofu, nuts and seeds, and extra virgin olive oil, which is the only fat he uses for cooking.

Kurzweil also consumes a great deal of supplements. At one point, he reported that he consumed over 200 a day, a number that has since dropped down to 150.

How to Live Forever

The crucial test of any diet is whether or not it works, and for Kurzweil at least, his diet has done wonders. Kurzweil has a family history of both diabetes and heart disease, and was diagnosed at age 35 with a precursor condition to type 2 diabetes. Now Kurzweil is over 60, and suffers from no symptoms of either condition, which killed both his father and his grandfather at earlier ages.

Kurzweil also regularly tests his body’s age. He claims that the rate at which his body is aging has slowed significantly, and today, he has the kind of body that a man much younger than himself would be expected to have.

It remains to be seen whether Ray Kurzweil will live long enough to live forever, but it seems that so far, his nutrition and lifestyle choices have served him well.

To read more about Kurzweil’s nutritional plan, see the excerpt from his book, here.