Simple Body Building Diet: What foods to eat and what to avoid

Let’s face it, diets have gotten a bad rap. Well, that is, real dietary measures for a healthy result. Fad diets, also known as crash diets have broken the will of many people and have given the word ‘diet’ a bad name. This article is not about a diet in regards to a fast, fix all craze but an actual nutritious guideline that helps a body burn more fat and build strong muscle mass.

A body building diet is formulated by the most nutritious foods with the most effective absorbable nutrients that muscles need in order to burn excess fat pockets, build muscle, recover from intense exercises and then of course build more muscle tissue.

Tips for Fast Muscle Mass

Carbohydrates- Many fad diets will tell you that these are to be avoided but that is simply not true. Carbohydrates are a must for increasing energy and helping your body build muscles. Pastas, whole grains, wild rice, squash, oatmeal, baked potato and yams are excellent sources.

Protein- Meats are high in protein. Examples would be: turkey, fish, lean ground beef, low fat cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, and steak.

Fiber- Helps a body reduce fats, and keeps your digestive tract healthy. Why is this important? Well one reason is that allows more nutrients to be absorbed and utilized. Some foods that are high in fiber include dark green vegetables, fruits, and bran.

Water- This is so important. Many people wait until they are thirsty but this is a common no-no. Drinking at least eight to ten glasses a day will help maintain a healthy body. It will ensure hydration while also permitting optimal organ and system function.

Mistakes to Avoid!

There are, as with any diet some mistakes that can be detrimental to the overall results. Here are a few to keep in mind as some of the biggest mistakes that will obviously impact the desired physical outcome.

Cheating is the number one failure of a simple body building diet. So, what can you do to remedy this issue? First eliminate the weakness. The reason you cheat is because of the desire to have something that you have been deprived of. To eliminate that desire you must have a day of the week where you eat only ONE meal that is not a part of the diet. Have a burger and fries, or maybe a chili dog, whatever the craving is but reserve it for that one meal. Build it up all week in your mind and remind yourself that you are going to get it but make sure you exercise a little self control and keep it contained and minimized.

Fats are the culprit of some confusion. Not all fats are the same. Some fats are good and some are bad. Oils such as: virgin olive, canola, flaxseed and fish oils are all healthy. Some foods that contain good fats include peanut butter and egg yolks. Their primary function is supporting a healthy metabolism as well as hormone production. The fats that need to be avoided in a simple body building diet are saturated fats and trans fat.

These suggestions are things to keep in mind in order to devise a simple body building diet that you can live with. That’s what it is all about. Just beware of those mistakes that can ruin your personalized diet. Also, remember to eat five or six meals a day. Body builders need more foods going in because they expend more energy.


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