Flat Belly Diet Review

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The Flat Belly Diet (4 out of 5)

Many people dream of getting a flat belly. The media is covered with pictures of actors and models with those amazing six pack abs. It is no wonder that the goal for many people is to lose weight and to have a flat belly. There are many diets on the market that claim to have the secret to attaining the weight loss that people dream about. One such diet is the Flat Belly Diet. This diet claims to be able to help people to lose weight without a single sit up.

The diet is purchased in the form of a book. This is the type of diet that takes motivation and a lot of follow through to make it work. Sitting down to read the Flat Belly Diet can be a daunting task. It is much easier to quickly read over the book for a couple of days before you begin the diet. After you have started, the best way to lose weight is to reread the sections as you go. This is a diet where it is important to follow the instruction to see the weight loss results that you want.

The Flat Belly Diet is broken down into 32 days. The idea is that you follow the diet for 32 days to lose weight. There is a section in the book about upkeep and how to eat to keep your weight loss. This is a very simple plan and does not expect you to follow their plan for months on end. The idea that you can also use a maintenance plan for your flat belly is a great add on to this diet.

The first four days of the Flat Belly Diet are a kind of detox. One of the hardest parts of the first four days is giving up salt and caffeine. For many people, this may result in caffeine withdrawal headaches. The plan for the first four days is simply laid out to follow. There are four small meals that all include an item with monosaturated fats in it. The idea is that you need to consume a monosaturated fat with every meal to lose weight in your belly.

The final 28 days of the diet are more free form. There are many recipes and meal ideas listed in the pages of the Flat Belly Diet. You can choose any of the meals that sound good to you. The idea is to choose four of these meals every day. One of the requirements to lose weight for this diet is to consume 1600 calories a day. This is many more calories then many diets what their participants to consume.

One of the most effective tools that the Flat Belly Diet gives to its participants to lose weight is a way to help keep their stress levels low. The diet has found a correlation between belly fat and people being under stress. The Flat Belly Diet requires you to keep a journal when you are on the diet. The two things that you need to record in the journal are the foods that you eat and how you are feeling. These are great techniques to help you to lose weight.

In an effort to lose the remaining weight that I gained from having my daughter, I purchased a copy of the Flat Belly Diet. The diet seemed very simple and easy to follow in the way that it was laid out in the book. I have done diets similar to the layout of this one in the past and was sure that I could succeed at losing the weight that I wanted. I forgot that the other diets I had tried were before I had my daughter. One of the hardest parts of the Flat Belly Diet for me was trying to make sure that I stayed on the eating schedule. With a two year old daughter running around, I often forget to do things for myself like eat. I found many times that I would completely forget to fill in the diet journal through out the day. I often sat down after my daughter went to bed, trying to remember everything that happened during the day.

I did lose weight on the Flat Belly Diet. I kept myself motivated to keep at the diet with the success stories that are included in the book. It was not always easy for me, but in the end it was worth it. I believe that this diet and follow up plan will help me in the long run to lose weight and be healthy. I just have to keep my motivation going to balance this diet with my hectic schedule.

The Flat Belly Diet is a good diet to help lose weight. The weight loss that is seen with the Flat Belly Diet will not be fast. By only changing how a person eats and their stress levels, the weight loss seen will be slow and steady. It is a good idea to add exercise with this diet to lose weight and become toned.