The Moon Diet Review: Another Detoxification Program, This One Based on the Cycles of the Moon

What is it?

The Moon Diet is a detoxification program claiming to help you lose up to six pounds in one day if done correctly. It sounds fancy because it uses the changes in the moon cycle to back its claims, but in all reality it is nothing more than a liquid fasting diet, which of course will make a person lose weight, because of the fluid loss through urination. While it may work to help weight loss for a self-esteem and motivational purpose, the weight loss is not fat loss which is what everyone who wishes to become healthier should aim for.

The reason the juice fast should begin with a change in moon cycle is attached to the gravitational pull of not only the earth, but all of our bodies. Something about this gravitational pull works with our bodies to pull out all of the toxins from our bodies, which are passed through the urine as we engage in the fast.

Yes, it will work–there will be a loss of pounds on the scale. Is it the healthy way to go? No, there’s no way anyone can burn enough fat to induce the weight loss this diet claims. Should you try it to help yourself get motivated? Sure, why not give it a go for fun if you need something to boost your morale.

How to Do the Moon Diet

People wishing to try the Moon Diet should begin with a water, natural fruit and vegetable juice fast within 24 hours of the moon’s change, and continue for 24 hours from the start. For this 24 hour period, people should not eat any solid food, but should be able to do so without feeling any hunger pangs as the fluid intake is unlimited.

This “diet” may be done once a week with each moon cycle change, to allow for up to a 24 pound weight loss in a month so as to jump start a healthy diet and exercise routine. In between fasting periods each week, everyone who uses this should eat healthy foods, and the diet shouldn’t be done for more than a month at a time to prevent any negative side effects of fasting.

For more information on the current dates for moon changes, please check the Lunar Calendar.


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