New Advances in Diabetes Treatments Come from the GraftJacket, a new form of Dermal Allograft

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Modern technology experts are always looking for that new effective treatment option for some of life’s most common, yet at the same time complex, issues. Diabetes is a common medical condition that plagues millions of people, in fact Thomman Kuruvilla, DPM, (University Medical Center, Valley Health System) gave this statistic, “Approximately 8% of the population, or 23.6 million people, are diabetic.” But now, patients that suffer from diabetes have a new ray of hope.


Diabetes is the failure of the body to produce insulin, causing an overload of sugar in the system. It affects about eight percent of the population, many of those people aren’t even aware that they have diabetes. The causes have been suggested as obesity and lack of exercise, but despite years of intensive research, no single cause has been identified. The disease often manifests itself (in later stages) with lack of feeling in the feet and legs of the sufferer. Small injuries or even ingrown toenails can become ulcers and ultimately cause amputations and even death in the patient. Fame and fortune are not much help when diabetes strikes. For example, country music super-star Waylon Jennings died from complications of diabetes.

Technological Breakthrough

Since the diabetic patient has increased danger from podiatric problems, it’s only natural that the podiatrists are researching new methods of treating the foot injuries and ulcers that can kill. Dermal Allograft, or the Graftjacket, is one of the new medical tools that have great promise of slowing or even stopping the ulcers that appear on the feet of diabetics. The Graftjacket covers the affected area and supports the healing process, enabling the patient to recover from the small sores that can grow into large ones.

“The Clinical Data shows that this new technology allows the body to repair the wounds with between an 85% and a 91% success rate with only one application.” - Thomman Kuruvilla, DPM

GraftJacket is the latest biomedical breakthrough in treatment of diabetic patients foot sores and ulcers. It is made with donated human skin (minus the dermis and epidermis) and processed to retain its natural properties, allowing it to become a part of the patient’s own tissue. Rejection is less frequent and healing is speeded up because it is real human tissue rather than merely a bandage. The GraftJacket (made by Wright Medical Technology, Inc.) is a “Regenerative Tissue Matrix - Ulcer Repair Patient Site.”


New research and technology are making strides towards the cure and more successful treatments for people afflicted with diabetes. Early diagnosis and intensive treatments are the best available remedies right now. With Dermal Allograft and Graftjackets, there is renewed hope for diabetics. Insulin injections were once the only hope for this terrible disease and are still in use among patients all over the world. With more attention being paid to the damage caused by diabetes, the cure may be coming soon. Until then, there are new possibilities and causes for hope.