Where to Learn Swing Dance Steps Online

The Lowdown On Swing Dance

Want to learn swing dance steps online? Not only is swing fun and lively, it’ll also help you torch calories. Like any form of dance that gets your heart rate going, you can burn between 400 and 900 calories per hour dancing.

Swing dancing feels aerobic because in this dance, couples swing, spin, and jump together.

The energetic dance movements mimic the feel of swing music which developed along with jazz in the 1930s and 40s.

While today the term “swing dance” refers to a wide range of styles, original swing dancing refers to the dances performed in the 20s and 30s in New York City nightclubs. Dances like the Lindy Hop, the Jitterbug, and the Charleston are examples of Swing dance styles from this era.

Common Swing Dance Steps

You’ll need a partner for Swing Dance. The two partners are usually referred to as “lead” and “follow.” Here are some common swing dance steps you can expect to encounter while you learn Swing.

  • Rock Step. Used in a variety of dances including Tango, Zydeco, and Swing, the rock step is a basic dance step that refers to transferring weight from one foot to another and then back.
  • Sugar Push. The Sugar Push is a basic move of the Lindy Hop and appears in most Swing dances. It’s a very stylized move in which the partners typically clasp hands and move in close, then snap back out to starting position.
  • Skip Up. Skip Ups are also sometimes called “walk the dame” or “Jig Walks.” Skip Ups involve a combination of Rock Steps and kicking the feet out on either side of the body.
  • Circle. When Swing Dance partners do a circle, they either both move around in a circle or one partner stays fixed while the other dances around in a circle.
  • Groucho. In a Groucho step, both partners move back and forth between two points.
  • Aerials. Aerials, also called “air steps,” refer to any Swing move where your feet leaves the floor. Common Aerials include dips, slides, flips, and other trick moves.

Finding Swing Dance Steps Online

While any dance teacher will tell you that in-person instruction is far superior to an instructional online video or DVD, looking for Swing Dance steps online will give you an idea of what to expect when you get serious about learning Swing.

You can find swing dance steps online in a number of places.

  • YouTube. Search for “swing dance steps” on YouTube, and you’ll get literally thousands of results. Many of the videos are well-produced and easy to understand. If you’re looking for an overview of a wide variety of basic Swing Dance Steps, YouTube is the place to look.
  • Expert Village. Expert Village’s Swing Dance video tutorials offer a nice progression of steps and tips, including insight on the importance of communicating with your dance partner.
  • eHow. eHow.com offers a series of 14 good quality instructional Swing videos that go over not just basic dance steps but also how to build on them by combining steps.

After you check out Swing Dance steps online, look for Swing classes in your area. Swing is a social dance, so you’re likely to enjoy classes with other couples. You may also want to look up Swing Dance associations in your area. These associations are like clubs and they not only teach dance classes but also hold social dance events.