Wii Game Review: Boogie Superstar

About the Game

Boogie Superstar offers dance challenges, karaoke challenges and mixed challenges. The game gives players a chance to become a singing and dancing sensation.

Game play begins with creating a custom character, who is "discovered" and taken to a secret island location to learn the tools of the superstar trade.

There, you’ll visit the Boogie Superstar training classroom so that you can perfect your moves.

Next, you can go on tour by entering in various challenges. These can be completed on an individual or duet basis. Duets can be done with a friend or with a computer generated partner. While partners are initially scored separately, individual scores are averaged and each team member is awarded the average.

As you meet your challenges, you are awarded points with which you can purchase "rewards packages" that include new dance moves, new songs and new outfits for your custom character.

The game features about 40 fairly fast paced songs, including some by Natasha Beddingfield, Kanye West, Fergie and Good Charlotte.

What We Thought (4 out of 5)

While the game is primarily marketed for tween girls, I played with my two sons (ages 11 and 5) and another adult female. Surprisingly, we all loved playing Boogie Superstar anyway.

The kids especially enjoyed creating their custom characters, which are cute, teen-ish looking cartoons. They loved the "cool guy" moves their cartoons could pull. And, I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I had fun with it as well.

The dance challenges are fun, fairly easy to follow (once you get the hang of it) and can really get your heart pumping. The game is rated for ages ten and up, but even my five year old was able to play with a little help.

We found that we didn’t enjoy the combination challenges as much, but that was likely due to the fact that we aren’t yet coordinated enough to properly execute them and weren’t familiar with all of the songs.

As we played and began to unlock rewards packages, we enjoyed it even more. This feature seems to give the game longer term appeal as it funnels in new moves, songs and outfits with each unlock.

The game also features simple and easy to follow tutorials in the Boogie Superstar training classroom, to which you are able to return to practice or learn new moves at any time. The tutorials and practice sets proved to be a very beneficial tool while learning to play the game.

Overall, we give the game a thumbs up. I expect we’ll get our money’s worth on this one. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun way to get a little exercise–and anyone who loves to sing and dance.